Fans Faint At Black Pink's First Fan-Signing

While it may be good news that Black Pink had a successful first fan-signing, there was a bit of a mishap that made headlines during this wonderful event! Unfortunately, a fan fainted and the reason why will actually surprise you!

Holding their first ever fan-signing since their debut, YG Entertainment's stellar new girl group Black Pink met with fans on July 2nd for a personal interaction and engagement. A huge crowd, as expected, had gathered to see the girls with great anticipation. However, upon their arrival, one fan was so excited that they actually fainted!

The security team immediately reported to the scene and escorted the young fan to a nearby hospital. Although concerned, Black Pink continued on with the event and sent their regards to the fan. A fan cam was actually released that shows a clip of the event occurring. Check it out down below.

Hopefully, the fan will be okay and able to attend the next fan-signing peacefully. How would you react to seeing your favorite idols? Let us know in the comments below.

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