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Best Space-Theme K-Pop MVs That Are Out Of This World

By Edward Leary | July 05, 2017 01:59 PM EDT


K-Pop has a lot of unique concepts and themes but a real favorite is the eccentric outer space theme. Whether they come from Mars are taking over our world from their rocket ship, these otherworldly concepts will blow your mind and have you seeing stars! Check out the best space-themed MVs of K-Pop down below!

2NE1 - 'Come Back Home'

2NE1 beg you to "Come Back Home" in their futuristic MV. The theme bounces back between earth and a rebellious future.

Big Bang - 'BAE BAE'

Big Bang drove us wild with their sexy and fun MV for "BAE BAE." The boys dance on the moon and chant to the rhythm majestically.

Stellar - 'UFO'

Stellar give us a glimpse of the future as their robot boyfriend comes down to our earth to become their perfect savior!

Dal Shabet - 'Pink Rocket'

Dal Shabet will have you living in a dreamland as they are cutesy space cadets in "Pink Rocket." The song is futuristic and charming as the girls sing about love soaring like a space ship.

GLAM - 'Party XXO'

GLAM are the girls who came from Mars and are uniting with all the other ETs of the earth. The girls come with a message from that stars that being different is A-OKAY!

Wonder Girls - '2 Different Tears'

The Wonder Girls wow us as spies in their fun-filled MV "2 Different Tears." The girls are spies tracking down an alien and soon board their spaceship for one stellar adventure.

2NE1 - 'Fire'

Even labeled as the 'Space Ver.' 2NE1's song "Fire" is absolutely lit. The girls are seen donning some eccentric outfits alongside some otherworldly backgrounds. The MV is pretty hypnotizing.

Dal Shabet - 'Hate, Don't Hate'

Dal Shabet keeps up the space theme with "Hate, Don't Hate" as they come down to this earth to shake things up a bit. With a point of their finger, they have everyone dancing and falling in love!

Stellar - 'Rocket Girl'

Stellar debuted as the girl group straight from space! "Rocket Girl" was a zany, auto-tuned track with a quirky galactic theme.

Ladies Code - 'Galaxy'

Ladies Code will send you to another universe with "Galaxy." The song and MV are trippy and hypnotizing. The MV has a lot of subtle imagery and unique graphics to enhance the galactic style.

EXO-K - 'History'

EXO-K will send you above and beyond the stars in their MV for "History." The boys appear to be in a war-torn universe as they showcase their badass choreography on an asteroid.

Girls' Generation - 'Galaxy Supernova'

Girls' Generation gives us a glimpse into the future with "Galaxy Supernova." Although this song is Japanese, the girls aren't new to doing these future-influenced themes with songs such as "Visual Dream." However, "Galaxy Supernova" is their most outer-space theme yet.

Highlight - 'Bad Girl'

Before changing from B2ST to Highlight, fans remember that these boys always had a distinct style and eye-catching choreography. "Bad Girl" is just one example of their insane style as they can be seen rocking some futuristic fashion as they dance alongside a planet background.

TWICE - 'Signal'

TWICE are phoning home in "Signal." The girls are darling as they use their hands as antennas to contact their lover.

Junsu - 'Flower'

Artistic and almost scary, Junsu shows us a look into a post-apocalyptic future in his MV for "Flower." The MV set goes above and beyond and showcases many unique elements to create that feeling of life on another planet.

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