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10 K-Pop Indie Songs That Went Under The Radar

By Edward Leary | July 10, 2017 07:52 PM EDT


K-Pop is filled with many fun, lively, sexy and even dark concepts. Due to these varying styles, it is easy to get distracted and overlook some amazing K-Pop songs in the lesser-popular genres such as Indie music. Check out these K-Pop Indie songs that will have you pressing replay all day!

Bolbbalgan4 - "Tell Me You Love Me"

Bolbbalgan4 will capture your heart with this charming, laid-back beat. The two girls created a sound that will become a total ear bug. The song describes when you love someone and simply want them to admit their love for you too!

Plastic - "Upstair Girl, Downstair Boy"

This fun song has a very heart-warming MV to match. The song goes on like a story describing the ironic and fated interactions between a musician who lives downstairs and a student who lives upstairs.

Milk Tea - "Mr. Chocolate and Miss Orange"

Just like the title, the song is light and sweet. The airy, angelic vocals will make you feel like you are lifted to heaven as this song is nothing but pure love.

N.CA - "Love Me"

N.CA is quite the darling as she pairs up with Sugarbowl to create a unique Indie-comeback track. The elegant guitar melody paired with the harmonizing of male and female vocals makes "Love Me" a dreamy track.

Tensi Love - "Love Beat"

Tensi Love's "Love Beat" is a refreshing take on the classic Indie style. Her lovely vocals are only enhanced by the duo rappers who really put the beat in "Love Beat."

OOHYO - "Youth Day"

OOHYO really moves our hearts with this sad melody. She describes a lost world without her lover and the emptiness that we can relate to when we suffer from heartbreak.

Miso - "Take Me"

Miso has a real chill vibe with its intense synthetic beat. The MV is just as eccentric and artistic as the singer seems to whisper her emotions into every lyric.

Chamsom - "3.14"

Chamsom "3.14" is the perfect definition of classic Indie music. Becoming even more attractive with a K-Pop twist, Chamsom's deep and dreamy vocals will make your skin tingle as she hums "lalala" with each chorus.

Megan Lee - "8Dayz"

Megan Lee definitely garnered some attention with the release of her happy-go-lucky track "8Dayz" alongside Highlights Junhyun. Her song is filled with life, cheerful lyrics and a meaningful message of loving someone more than your average 24/7.

NELL - "Vain Hope"

NELL has composed many unique, original pieces and showcases his artistic side with transcending music and moral messages in all his music videos. "Vain Hope" is a simplistic video that helps you push through the tough times of everyday life.

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