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7 Kpop Idols with Surprising Fears!

By Ciera Starlight | July 12, 2017 11:24 AM EDT


It's perfectly natural for humans to have fears. Sometimes those fears can seem surprising to others. Do you share the same fear as your favorite idol? Do you know any idols with even crazier fears?  Check out 7 idols with fears and phobias you wouldn't expect them to have down below!  

BTS' J-hope

J-Hope is terrified of snakes. He marked holding a snake as the worst moment of his life and said that he "hates snakes." He didn't seem happy about spiders either.


Hyuna was adorably afraid of a chicken. When she had to do a chicken catching mission on a variety show, she did more screaming than catching chickens. 


On a Chinese variety show, EXO's Lay mentioned he was scared of pigeons, chickens, ducks and fishes. However, he had to brave through a park full of pigeons as a method to get rid of his fear.  It didn't work and he decided that he just wasn't meant to live with birds. 

BIGFLO's Hightop

Hightop, the rapper of group BIGFLO, looks tough on stage, but he is known to hilariously have a fear of hamsters. When his fellow member Yuseong kept pet hamsters in the dorm, Hightop showed an overwhelming fear of the furry creatures, however he does like reptiles. 

VIXX's Ravi

The charismatic rapper of VIXX, Ravi, is surprisingly very afraid of bugs. Whenever a bug comes around,  he will either freeze up as if petrified or he will run away while yelling. 

Monsta X's Wonho

On Monsta X's trip to go bungee jumping, it was revealed that Wonho is terrified of heights. He even cried. It took all the effort Wonho could muster up to overcome his fear, but he did a successful bungee jump.  

Cosmic Girls' SeolA

Cosmic Girls went to a tank to do an underwater photoshoot. All the members were excited about it except for SeolA. She was terrified of being underwater! She cried and even begged her manager to not let her do it. However, in the end, she overcame her fear of being underwater and had a successful photoshoot.

Check out the video below! 

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