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Which K-Pop Groups Received The Worst Threats From Netizens?

By Edward Leary | July 18, 2017 10:14 PM EDT


Unfortunately, there are many crazy K-Pop fans out there. Some so crazy that they even threaten to kill certain idols and K-Pop groups. While it is absolutely disturbing, each threat is interestingly different and targeted towards these specific idols. Check out the list of threats that will leave you with chills and goosebumps! 


There were recent rumors of an Ilbe user stating they were going to throw acid at TWICE when they arrived at an airport in Japan. The disturbing post read, "TWICE has abandoned Korea and is earning a ton of money in Japan". The post included a photo of the line of Japanese fans who'd come to see TWICE. The poster wrote in the post, "Yeah, money is good. Money is the best. Never come to Korea. I'll be waiting for you at the airport with 10 L of hydrochloric acid.

A Pink 

Believe it or not, a threat was sent to the lovely girl group A Pink not too long ago! On June 26th, a fan called A Cube Entertainment and threatened to plant bombs at A Pink's "Five" comeback showcase. The agency recorded the threatening phone call and reported it to the police and had the police inspect the venue with bomb-sniffing dogs. Fortunately, no bombs, or any other threat, were found at the scene.

Big Bang 

It seems bombing concerts was the death threat trend at some sickening point. During one of Big Bang's comebacks back in 2015, an EXO-L fan claimed out of rage that they were going to bomb the venue and kill innocent fans. Many were in shock and feared attending Big Bang's concerts after. 

BTS Jimin

There seem to be some haters out there when it comes to BTS. Jimin had received a slew of disturbing threats. Some insulted him saying, "The pig will soon die," posting disturbing and violent photos in relation to the post.

A user even created a fake account of Jimin and another with claims that the fan would shout Jimin clear in the head during one of their concerts. You can see the disturbing photo above.

BTS Rap Monster

BTS' Jimin wasn't the only member to receive gun threats. Member Rap Monster was the first to have his own life threatened by a deranged fan during their New York City tour back in 2015. The fan uploaded a photo of a gun claiming they were going to kill Rap Monster. Due to the disturbing nature of the post and possible reality, the concert was cut short and all fan engagements were canceled. 

All of these threats were so disturbing, we can only hope nothing like this continues to happen in the future. What do you think of these so-called "fans"? Let us know in the comments.

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