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This Korean Actor Admits To Doing A Nude Self-Webcam & Comments On Viral Video

By Edward Leary | July 19, 2017 12:17 PM EDT


Seo Ha Joon, a popular Korean actor, had made headlines earlier this year for being seen in an NSFW video uploaded to the internet of him touching himself. The video had gone viral almost instantly after being uploaded to various portal sites, including blogs and pornographic websites.

While we won't be showing the video here, you can see screenshots in the video in question uploaded by a user on a Korean community board above. The actor denied it was him at first, but after the mass attention and debate among netizens the actor comes clean (not really) and admits it was him.

Seo Ha Joon appeared on the July 18th airing of 'Video Star.' It's the first time he has made a talk show appearance since the issue. When questioned about the controversy and asked if he was "undergoing a difficult time?" Seo Ha Joon replied honestly, "It would be a lie if I say I didn't."  

When asked about why he never came forward with a statement, the actor continued stating, "Why wouldn't I have wanted to speak up about it? But everyone could just tell that it was definitely me and people were already aware, and I could also just tell that it was me [in the photos]. People already knew it was Seo Ha Joon, so I didn't see the point of speaking up and saying, 'Yes, that's me'." 

"I didn't want to say it wasn't me. It was definitely me and there was no point in denying it. Since the controversy, I think I've only had about 20 seconds of happiness in total." He added, "I worried for 3 days about an apology letter. I wrote two words with a pen and then just dazed off for 3 hours. I didn't know what to write, whom to apologize to, or just what to do..."

However, in the end, Seo Ha Joon admitted it was him and said his fans still gave him strength during the hardship and showed support. Now, he wants to continue on as an actor and put the scandal behind him. What do you think of this scandal? Too hot to forget or water under the bridge? 

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