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T.O.P Issued Final Sentence & Charges For His Illegal Use of Marijuana

By Edward Leary | July 20, 2017 02:41 AM EDT


It is indeed a sad day in K-Pop as Big Bang's rapper T.O.P has finally received his final sentence and charges regarding his illegal use of marijuana with a trainee back in October of 2016. 

Back in early June, T.O.P was accused of using drugs before his mandatory military enlistment. After a whirlwind of events, drug testings, confessions, and agency statements, T.O.P was last seen at the hospital recovering from an overdose of anxiety medication. Now, T.O.P appears in court to receive his final charges.

After pleading guilty to all charges, the court determined T.O.P is guilty of all four charges of marijuana, with two being liquid marijuana. T.O.P has been sentenced to two years of probation with 10 months of prison if probation is broken,e which matches the similar reports given last month in regards to his possible sentence. The rapper was also fined 12,000 KRW (which is approximately $10.7 USD). 

Fans are relieved to see the idol was left off with a light sentence, especially in regards to the laughable fine payment. Now, many just simply hope he can continue to recover and no longer face hardships involving any drugs. While the impending results of his career and his agency remain unknown, fans are speculating that the scandal will be forgiven and the rapper can be expected to return to the spot light after his sentence.

In regards to continuing his mandatory military enlistment, T.O,P will be re-evaluated for his military enlistment. He may continue his enlistment as an active duty soldier, or if found unfit, as a social worker. What do you think of this sentence and T.O.P's stance on the scandal? Let us know down below.

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