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10 Girl Groups Who Need to Make a Comeback

By Ciera Starlight | July 21, 2017 11:53 AM EDT

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In K-pop, many idol groups debut every year. Some groups, such as The Ark, disband almost as soon as they debut, even after capturing the hearts of K-pop fans! Though many groups leave without making much impact, there are some groups who have garnered a fanbase. Yet, the groups having to go on hiatus has caused their fans to miss them very much. In this list, here are ten girl groups who have not announced disbandment that we feel need to make a comeback soon! (These groups have not released new music in over a year.) Which girl group do you wish to see make a comeback?


Although the group has been keeping busy with their own individual activities, fans would love to see the 4 ladies of f(x) release a new album very soon.


Playback tend to release cover songs every now and then, and a new member was added to the group with her own single, but what the fans really want is a new album of their own to promote.


This very talented group made waves from debut with their powerful performances. However, the group has been missing in action since early 2016, and fans are begging for a comeback.


The group's last release was "Excuse Me" back in mid-2015. This has got their fans asking "Excuse me, where is the comeback?"


Although the girls of 15& are trying to do their own thing individually, fans of the duo can not help but see them release something together again someday.


They debuted with a powerful song called "Don't Mess with Me" and returned with the fun and infectious "Pippi," yet we have not heard a peep from them since.


Debuted in 2011 and had many member changes over the years, Blady's latest line up of the group was last seen in 2015 with member Giri having a solo single early last year.

Odd Eye

A classical music pop infusion group that is unique and talented. Although they haven't released any new music in a few years, the Odd Eye members themselves still seem to be associated with the group. It would be nice to hear more from them.

After School / Orange Caramel

Even though there are now more graduated members than those still in the group. It would be nice to see the remaining five ladies have a comeback. After School last promoted four years ago and it has almost been three for Orange Caramel.


They may be down a member, but the remaining three ladies of SECRET could still make a strong comeback.

Wanna see more girl groups missing in action? Check out the video below!


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