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Do Fans Really Think These K-Pop Songs Have Sexual Innuendos

By Edward Leary | July 20, 2017 11:51 PM EDT


A lot of K-Pop songs are charming, innocent, sweet and uplifting. However, there are some songs that have a little bit of underlying sexual intention we wouldn't expect! Some say they escape Western music or other genres through K-Pop's fun songs but these fun songs might shock you with their sexual meanings. Check out these K-Pop songs that have a real sexual undertone.

Dal Shabet - “Pink Rocket”

While the girls of Dal Shabet said the stellar sound was supposed to represent love floating through the air and changing in style, the somewhat pornographic moans and "uh-uh" in the background make it hard to believe.

OH MY GIRL - “Come Closer”

With lyrics like "Come closer, I'm Closer," and "Can't You Hear My Cry?" fans aren't surprised if the song and another intention than an innocent romance.

SISTAR - “Push Push”

SISTAR want you to "Push It Baby" and the fact that fans thought the girls were saying the word "Pussy" for some time didn't help the situation.

BESTie - “Pit-a-Pat”

We get it - BESTie's song was meant to be flirtatious, but some of the lyrics are really questionable. "Maybe with you, maybe today, something will happen," and "Keep staring at my sparkly lips that make you feel hot, should you or should you not?" - lyrics like this make you wonder if they want more than a kiss!

CLC - “No Oh Oh”

CLC's song "No Oh No" is a cute, charming song but it addresses a unique viewpoint on sexual consent. "I only learned this in writing," "I'm not ready" and "I'm too young to be seduced by these things" make it obvious that CLC are still too young to get involved with these sort of matters.

EXID - "Up & Down"

Many fans questioned the dozen of oddly specific innuendos found in the "Up & Down" MV. The real attention grabber (just check out the fan cam) is the way the girls thrust their hips while singing "Up and down, Up and down."

T-ara - “Like The First Time”

T-ara sing about love feeling "Like The First Time," but it isn't that simple. The song is suggesting that the time spent with this other man brings them back to their first experience.

Ga In - "Bloom"

Ga In's "Bloom" was quite clear that it was a song relating to her first sexual experiences. The MV even features flowers blossoming open and a scene where she is even seen touching her self. Her adventure into "adulthood" was more than obvious in this track.

BTS - "War of Hormone"

The boys of BTS reach out to all the pubescent boys and girls as they tackle the hardships of being a basically horny youth. "Girls wear things that make me - cough cough, -see right through, see right through," is just one of many eye-opening lyrics in this lust-filled song.

Big Bang - "Bae Bae"

It may not seem like it at first notice, but Big Bang's "Bae Bae" offers more sex appeal than you'd think. Not only are the idols seen lusting over women, but they are dancing on the moon and mimicking the smacking sounds made during sex with indirect lyrics and motions. Big Bang know how to stir up some sex appeal, too!

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