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Fans Shocked By The Outrageous Price of This 'Gangnam Style' Statue

By Edward Leary | July 26, 2017 07:10 PM EDT


PSY is continuing to make headlines with his 5-year-old hit song "Gangnam Style." Recently, the Korean Government used tax payers money to make a statue in his honor, both the outrageous price shocked both PSY and fans of the song and singer.

The sculpture is reportedly worth a whopping 400,000,000 KRW, which is equal to approximately $357,142 USD. Can you say crazy? The statue was built last year at Gangnam's major tourist attraction, 'COEX.' PSY reacted as anyone would expect and revealed his thoughts on the statue during an interview with Ilgan Sports on July 24th.

"I think it's just too much. However, I admit It's also funny how they only created the hands."   PSY continued saying, "I understand that everyone was so hyped and excited after the song went viral but this is my occupation after all. I didn't do it for the country or anything. I really appreciate the fact that they used tax money to create this but I really think it's just too much."

In other news, PSY also discussed his current releases, success and looked back on his previous hits and achievements in his career. He then went on to discuss the success of "Gangnam Style", saying, "Timing is important."  When the reporter asked if it was possible for Psy to make another hit song like it, the singer responded, "Timing is very important...'Gangnam Style' was just right. The song 'Right Now' might've succeeded too, who knows. The song just happened to be released in the summer when a lot of people coincidentally got to listen to it." 

What do you think of PSY's response? Is the statue too much or the perfect tourist attraction?

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