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These K-Pop Songs Will Put Men In Their Place

By Edward Leary | July 28, 2017 08:42 PM EDT


Being a powerful, independent woman isn't just a trend for 2017 - it is a lifestyle that any girl should lead in her busy life. Check out these K-Pop songs that help empower woman and put those men who lack passion or sensitivity in their place!

miss A - "I Don't Need A Man"

"I Don't Need A Man" is basically the anthem of being an independent woman! Make your own money, enjoy your own style and live your own lives, ladies.

Jessie - "SENNUNNIE"

Jessie lets us know she is the toughest female out of all the girls out there! Be as strong as Jessie and let guys know who is really in charge with this blood pumping song.

Dal Shabet - "Mr. Bang Bang"

Dal Shabet have no time to wait around for boys, so they will be the brave ones and "make the first move." Their song "Mr. Bang Bang" will show you how to do just that.

Ladies' Code - "Bad Girl"

Ladies' Code's debut song "Bad Girl" shook everyone's hearts as they boldly let all know they will not be taken advantage of and are the real game masters when it comes to love.

Anda - "Malgo"

Andamiro, now known as Anda, wanted change in her life and didn't need a man to do it. "Malgo" is a song that's all about enjoying life and not letting unwanted men know any of your intentions.

GLAM - "I Like That"

Glam empowers us all with their song "I Like That." The song is all about enjoying the fun things you can only experience when you are single and ready to mingle.

SPICA - "I Did It"

If your life motto is all about 'me me me,' then SPICA's "I Did It" will be your next anthem. The girls live life to their standards and no one else's.

TAHITI - "Tonight"

TAHITI's "Tonight" is a real motivational song as it is all about moving on and learning to be happier without that negative person in your life. Let their melody empower you each and every time.

RaNia - "Style"

RaNia are classy and full of "Style," and their hit song lets everyone know that they won't expect anything less from a man. You better check yourself before talking to these fine ladies.

Nine Muses - "Ladies"

Nine Muses side track "Ladies" off of their mini-album is a real bop! The song is all about finding confidence in yourself and gathering with your girlfriends to have fun and be the best person you can be!

Which K-Pop song empowered you the most? Share your other favorites down below!

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