YG Entertainment Creates a Sitcom with Idols?

YG recently surprised many with the announcement of starting his very own idol-family sitcom. The show sports various insights into YG artists as well as some hilarious concent!

The company has already upload various teasers on Youtube which have drawn in over 10K views. One of the teasers includes YG sitting with familiar artists, such as Seungri from Big Bang, initiating plans for the show. Check it out down below!

However, what is really capturing the attention of fans is the nicknames and mimicry that YG himself can't resist doing. He plans to include artists such as Black Pink, Big Bang, SECHSKIES, iKON and more, with each group having hilarious nicknames such as 'YG's Gem.'

The chemistry between the CEO and Seungri also caught fan's interest as YG felt he could mimic Seungri the best and Seungri continued to fool around and make jokes about YG. The groups seem to be very close to the CEO and fans can expect a lot of hilarious moments. Are you excited for the release of this sitcom?

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