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K-Pop's Easiest Dance Routines

By Edward Leary | July 31, 2017 09:49 PM EDT


While K-Pop is filled with intense dance routines, rigorous dance moves, and endless movements, there are some dances that are fortunately easy enough for us to imitate. Check out these fun and simple K-Pop routines that you can learn in no time and make you feel like a K-Pop star.

Girls' Generation - "Gee"

This is one of K-Pop's most iconic dances (obviously), and one of the main reasons is for how aegyo-filled and simple the dance is! Slip on your colored jeans and get ready to dance.

Orange Caramel - "A-ing"

Orange Caramel are known for their pretty and sweet K-Pop dances. Ultimately repetitive and simplistic, any of Orange Caramel's dances can be learned in a matter of minutes.

Crayon Pop - "Bar Bar Bar"

Speaking of simple dances, "Bar Bar Bar" is another easy peasy dance. If you enjoy keeping up with the trends, Crayon Pop's hit song and dance from a few years back are right up your alley!

TWICE - "Cheer Up"

TWICE's "Cheer Up" is a fun and energy filled song that will have you sweating and smiling all at once! However, the dance is only fun if you at least have 8 other K-Pop loving friends who are willing to dance.

KARA - "Honey"

The slow and rhythmical dance of KARA's "Honey" is soothing on the body and not as rigorous as the other K-Pop dances out there. "Honey" is sweet and easy like the name suggests.

Big Bang - "Bang Bang Bang"

If you want to get the party started and be the king of every K-Pop dance battle, learning "Bang Bang Bang" is your first step. The boys of Big Bang will surely hype you up every step of he way.

B1A4 - "Solo Day"

B1A4 are another boy group that has sweet and charming dances that fans can easily learn. Since the very beginning with songs like "OK" and "Beautiful Target," all of B1A4's dances are catchy and fun!

Boyfriend - "Boyfriend"

Get ready to confess your love in the cutest way yet! Boyfriend's "Boyfriend" is a happy-go-lucky dance routine with lots of movement but sweet gestures that will have everyone falling head over heels for you.

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