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Fans Felt These K-Pop MVs Are Showcasing Negative Stereotypes

By Edward Leary | August 01, 2017 08:17 PM EDT


K-Pop has a variety of sounds, concepts, and styles that are meant to appeal to the masses. However, there are moments when K-Pop can get a little carried away and cross the line - especially with portraying negative stereotypes. Check out these MVs that were deemed inappropriate for showcasing these stereotypes.

Hyomin - "Nice Body"

Hyomin did receive a bit of flak when she started her solo debut with "Nice Body." Many fans wondered why she decided to portray a fat girl becoming hot and getting the attention of boys only when she became skinny and had a "nice, nice body." Her MV was deemed as fat shaming listeners.

BEStie - "Love Options"

BESTie's "Love Options" oddly went under fire for some netizens when they stated that the song portrays cliche desires and wants that some girls don't have. The song received mixed reviews because of lyrics such as "He should look like a celebrity but I am not asking for much."

RaNia - "Style"

RaNia's "Style" also faced a similar reaction like BESTie's "Love Options" from netizens. The song is about being powerful and telling a man who isn't your style to not waste your time. However, some fans felt it was portraying a snobby side of women who only want men for certain things such as having lots of money or expensive cars.

T-ara - "Like The First Time"

"Like The First Time" was a fun and trendy autotuned song by T-ara that fans felt had some underlying sexual innuendos. Sexual concepts aside, fans also felt it was offensive to use the "nerdy girl image" as an excuse for a makeover in order to win over a man.

Zico - "Tough Cookie"

Zico's "Tough Cookie" wasn't so tough after all as netizens called him out for his negative stereotyping. The song not only degrades women and homosexuals but depicts cultural appropriation towards hip-hop culture. Fans felt his cliche act was not a way to become "tough."

Girl's Day - "Expectation"

Girl's Day definitely earned a spot on the K-Pop map with their hit song "Expectation" but some fans didn't like the idea of the girls showcasing their sexy sides to only get revenge on a man. Women can be sexy, 24/7!

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