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iKON Members Are Being Labeled As Mysoginists

By Chaeil Lee | August 07, 2017 02:00 PM EDT


The boys of iKON have struck a chord with netizens due to their past actions from a 2016 Conert gag performance. Their actions were so shocking that netizens and fans started labeling them as misogynists.

A user uploaded the photos and videos of their 2016 concert parody performance of EXID's famous "UP & DOWN" to Nate Pann on August 6th. In the video, the boys can be seen donning skirts and wigs as they dressed as lovely ladies for their dance routine. However, they started to goof around, go off script, and doing obscene things such as lifting up each other skirts or forcibly trying to strip other members of their clothing.

Users commented, "This is iKON. F*ck they were acting out all sorts of sexual harassment and lifting up skirts while laughing about it", "I don't know who they are but just imagine how much they view women only as sexual beings that they're behaving like this...", "I'm a fan of iKON but seriously...? why?", "This behavior is gross and disgusting", "Even as their fan, this isn't something that should be defended", "This is a clear example of how they view women", and sadly many more hate comments came in. Their "fun" performance became a real controversy

The boys even started laying down and looking up each other's skirts and even seen 'humping' each other and re-enacting explicit content. You can see the whole shocking performance down below. Let us know what you think about iKON's misogynistic behavior.

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