G-Friend Discuss & Reveal These Agency Restrictions

The girls of G-Friend recently discussed their agency, Source Music, and the strict regulations they have on the girls - especially when it comes to diet! 

On the August 7th episode of 'Hello,' G-Friend members Eunha and Umji appeared as special guests and opened up about how their label treats them and the dietary restrictions enforced upon the girls. The girls revealed they often go on intense diets before an album or comeback. 

The girls continued on saying, "We were prohibited to eat rice for an entire year after our official debut." Umji described the extreme incident, "We were starving, so we ate 10 sweet potatoes in one sitting." Fans were shocked to hear and see G-Friend expressing how difficult it was to endure such severe conditions.

In other news, the girl group has recently come back with "Love Whisper" and the new song involves some strict and rigorous choreography! Perhaps the girls will lose even more weight from the extreme dance moves that they won't have to go on a diet anymore? Stay healthy, girls!



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