This Part of EXO's 'KoKo Bop' Dance Becomes A Viral Trend

EXO-L's are either doing everything they can to make EXO even more popular or EXO simply are a true viral sensation! EXO's recent comeback "KoKo Bop" is already a huge success but if you thought it couldn't become any more popular, think again!

The boy groups dances have always been admirable, intense and unique. Now, similar to CL's odd and intricate "Hello B*tches" dance, EXO's main dance for the chorus has gone viral as well. Name, fans have deemed it the 'KoKo Bop Challenge' and it is taking over the web by storm!

The quirky dance has caught the attention of fans worldwide as they began uploading videos of themselves doing this odd, thrusting dance in various locations.

The challenge is simple; like the video shown above, people simply need to upload a video of the key dance moves to EXO's ''KoKo Bop,'' specifically the part where it goes ''down down baby'' and share the clip on social media! Are you ready to go viral with EXO, too? Show us your best 'KoKo Bop Challenge' videos in the comments!

Koko Bop


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