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EXID Talks About Their Group And Music At The Press Conference In Singapore

By iReporter Team | August 14, 2017 11:47 AM EDT


BANANA Entertainment's EXID were recently in Singapore in late July. The group, consisting of members Hani, LE, Hyerin, Junghwa and Solji, who was unfortunately unable to join her members, were doing their first world tour. The group, which debuted in 2012, gained widespread popularity from their 2014 single named "Up and Down," which was followed up by hit songs such as "Ah Yeah," "Hot Pink" and "L.I.E," which are known as fan's favorites.

EXID released 'Eclipse' in the month of April this year, which became their most successful comeback, peaking Top 10 in countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan. It even debuted fourth on the Billboard World Albums chart, making 'Eclipse' their best charting album. To this - the girls' replied that it was all thanks to their fans, and that they would work better as a group. There was small talk about the title song, "Night Rather Than Day", where Hyerin and Junghwa declared, like the song title, they preferred the night, whilst LE and Hani preferred the Day. Unfortunately, member Solji had to sit out of their end 2016-17 activities due to some health issues, and we wish her all the best!

At the press conference held prior to the show, the girls shared that they had been working extremely hard to prepare for this leg of the tour. Kpopstarz had the exclusive opportunity to catch up with the girls during this press conference. The atmosphere was nice and warm, where the girls radiated with charisma, but yet were extremely down-to-earth and friendly.

They shared that in their group, member LE was the grandma, Hyerin the mother, whilst Hani is the jobless uncle who thinks Junghwa, the nice daughter, is bad.

When asked about the member they would like to perform with, Hyerin stated that she wants to do a solo with Solji whilst LE shared that she wished to perform with Hani to tell the world how she is, and show off a 'girl crush' image. Junghwa, who most people think wants to go solo, dished out that she just actually wants to perform a very cute and bright song with Hyerin.

If having to eat only one food for the rest of their life, Hyerin, who loves fish, would choose mackerel, Junghwa chose her favorite ramyeon, LE with samgyetang (korean ginseng chicken soup) and Hani decided upon potato chips. Not only that, we got to find out EXID's overseas must haves, such as tanning oil and a bathing suit for LE and Junghwa's plug adapter and book. After a long deliberation, Hyerin decided on slippers, and Hani stated that she needed her book diary - not just for overseas, but also for everywhere she goes!

Question for EXID from KPOPSTARZ:

Kpopstarz: Your latest mini album, 'Eclipse', debuted as No. 4 on the Billboard's 'World Album Chart.' How did you feel, and do you have anything to say to the fans?

EXID: "We really can't believe that we made it into the Top 10 of the 'Billboard World Chart' and we're really thankful for all the fans who gave EXID their love, because of you guys we are able to make it into the charts. We will work hard to become a better group. Thank you!

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