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Why is NU'EST's Baekho Receiving Hate Comments From Fans?

By Chaeil Lee | August 22, 2017 12:41 PM EDT


It seems Nam Tae Hyun isn't the only artist suffering from hate comments from fans. Recently, fans of the now uprising boy group NU'EST have gathered and submitted proof of malicious comments targeted at member Baekho.

It was reported that, like a case similar to SHINee's Onew, NU'EST's Baekho had been filed against for a claim of sexual assault. Although Pledis Entertainment had strongly denied the allegations, false rumors and information regarding the idol continued to spread.

Scared of how the rumors can ruin NU'EST's image, especially after seeing the consequences of Onew's recent controversy, fans are trying to protect Baekho. Fans created a pdf. file filled with images and information that proves anti-fans were spreading fake rumors and also provides evidence that their allegations and claims don't add up.

With said information provided, Pledis Entertainment will finally be taking legal action and will be filing for defamation of Baekho's character and spreading of false information. Hopefully, if the stories are proven not to be true, Baekho and Pledis Entertainment can win this case.

How do you feel about the recent rumors against the up and coming idol? Stay tuned for more updates on this trending case.

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