Korea's Cutest Themed Cafes Anyone Should Visit

Korea is known for its immense cafe culture, with a plethora of themes that could cater to anyone's distinct tastes. While we may already be aware of the bigger brands and familiar French concepts found in almost any and every Korean bakery, there are a handful that will surprise you with their charming themes. Check out these cafes down below!


You may not be able to customize your order but you sure as hell can create any lego home, character and car your heart desires at this Lego Cafe!

Couple Rings

Coffee shops can be quite the romantic date spot! Show your date how much you love them and start making some couple rings while you wait for your espresso and latte!


Forget a cat-paccino, dog and cat cafes are a thing of the past when you can cuddle up with real, live, fluffy sheep!

Hello Kitty

Things get even cuter and sweeter at the Hello Kitty cafe located in Hongdae!

Banana Cafe

Similar to the Yellow Cafe, this cafe serves up a decadent amount of delicious banana-flavored food alongside some other homey and natural looking treats! Puffy cotton candy cloud drinks and plant cakes, anyone?

Selfie Cafe

The selfie cafe - need I say more?

K-Pop Idol Cafe

If you're still in love with everything and anything K-Pop, then you need to go to a K-Pop themed cafe. You can even visit official ones such as the SM Cafe or any other idols may own.

Which cafe was your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments down below and show your friends as well~



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