Monsta X's Wonho Accidentally Leaks Group's Comeback Song

Wonho of Monsta X made quite the commotion during his live broadcast after accidentally revealing the group's comeback song off of their newest album!

During the live recording, Wonho was seen sitting in front of his computer and mixing board while engaging with fans. When he turned to continue the conversation, the music suddenly started playing from his speakers and shocked him immediately.

Wonho started shouting, "No, NO!" while scrambling to press the pause button. While it was a short snippet of the intro of the song, fans were quite impressed by the beat and began anticipating the new song's style and group concept. Check out the hilarious video and amazing song below!

What did you think of the epic song intro? Are you ready for Monsta X's comeback? Stay tuned for more official updates regarding teasers and releases.

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