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An Ilbe Photo Used Alongside BTS Creates Bigger Controversy

By Chaeil Lee | September 07, 2017 03:01 PM EDT


MBC continues to dig themselves a pit as they TV broadcasting station has gone under fire for using an Ilbe image alongside BTS during a news report about their "shortcut marketing" and blackmailing controversy. 

During the news segment, a black silhouette was used as a placement for Mr. Lee's photo, the man who was sentenced to one year in prison for an attempt at blackmailing Big Hit Entertainment and its artists for false claims. The silhouette created huge controversy and angered fans because it happens to be a photo of Roh Moo Hyun made by Ilbe users to mock the former leader. You can see the original image down below.

According to other news outlets, MBC has been accused of using the offensive photo on more than one occasion. "Back in 2014, 'Section TV' was under fire for using the same image in delivering news about Cha Seung Won's son. In 2013, an Ilbe image of Noh Moo Hyun was used on 'Good Day', and on 'News Desk' in 2015. "

Now netizens have become quite angered with MBC, especially amidst their on-going company strike which has delayed and even canceled various TV programs such as 'Infinite Challenge' and the 'Idol Olympics.' Fans left the following malicious comments, "MBC is definitely part of Ilbe", "They're like the root of Ilbe'', "Of course, stupid MBC", "MBC must really love former President Roh", "Ilbe broadcast = MBC", "Crazy bastards", "What is wrong with them." 

What do you think of the offensive photo used alongside BTS?

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