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Why Would Some Idols Never Date Other Idols?

By Edward Leary | September 12, 2017 10:42 PM EDT


Like any other person on this earth, K-Pop idols are often prone to dating other famous idols who are working in the same industry. However, there are some idols who avoided romance and work like the plague! Although MBC is currently on strike, fans already know the 'Idol Olympics' will create even more romance (according to idols themselves, it is the hot spot to meet other idols!).

Whether it be due to the huge publicity scandals or because the idol x idol romance doesn't appeal to them, one idol shared their opinion as to why they'd never date an idol.

Nine Muses Kyungri recently opened up about how dating another idol would never be ideal for her and here are her reasons why! She first stated that "There are a couple celebrities who asked me out, but they are not my type."

Speaking from experience, she continued to reveal that "Maybe it's because they received so much love since they were young, but it seems like they don't know how to love a woman." Deep words, girl! "On the outside, they look well-balanced, but they're either a new born baby or really sly."

Kyungri then surprised us all after she revealed what happened after she did date a celebrity. On an episode of 'Happy Together' back in 2016, Kyungri stated that an idol group member approached her saying another member liked her. However, when she refused to date him, said idol showed his true colors and disappointed her deeply. However, we can all agree she dodged a bullet that time, huh?

What do you think of Kyungri's unique dating advice?

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