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This K-Pop Group Forget Their Song Lyrics While On Stage - Watch The Embarrassing Video

By Edward Leary | October 03, 2017 07:48 AM EDT


Popular indie-style girl group Bolbbalgan4 really did get red cheeks when they suddenly forget a whole portion of their song during a live outdoor stage performance at the September October 1st 2017 Fever Festival.

The darling duo were seen performing on stage, as per usual, and started off with their amazing, familiar vocals. However, after the first chorus, member Jiyoung completely forget the lyrics to their song "Can Hear You," which made her become bashful and awkward on stage. Fans could feel the tension.

The lead singer even turned back to guitarist and vocalist Jiyoon to cover for her and fill in the lyrics but even she began to draw a blank after the sudden halt to their performance. The MR continued to play on while the girls stood on stage dumbfounded. View the eye-opening video down below!

In the end, fans began to cheer on the girls, getting louder and louder after seeing the frustrated looks on their faces. Once the girls recollected their lyrics, singer Jiyoung began to take the lead and hit the chorus harder than before and finished her song with a wonderful strength. Despite the mishap, fans found the girls to be adorable - especially as they thanked fans and giggled before exiting the stage. The video already has 200K views and is becoming a hot topic among netizens! What did you think of this silly performance?

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