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Netizens Criticize 'The Unit' Idol Reboot Project - Will Really Benefit Idols?

By Edward Leary | October 04, 2017 08:41 PM EDT


Various K-Pop trainees, from familiar rookies to brand new faces, have been given a chance to become K-Pop idol stars thanks to the efforts of the newest KBS program 'The Unit' Idol Reboot Program. However, netizens are curious if the show will actually live up to these expectations.

While various mentors, such as SHINee's Taemin and HyunA, have stated the benefits of the program during a press conference, viewers more curious about the words coming from KBS themselves. PD Park Ji-Young (JYP) stated "This program will open a door of hope to new and previous trainees," especially since survival programs have become a hot phenomenon in Korea ever since the series 'Produce IOI' found success with IOI and Wanna One. 

"When I interview participants with show directors, many have been entering in tears. Every time I see participants who have desperate desires for their dreams, we learn a lot about their enthusiasm and it is now the beginning for them, not the end. This is the message we want to give," said JYP. 

He continued, "Tthe purpose of the Idol Rebooting Project 'The Unit' is to provide a fair and equitable opportunity for those who have never had a stage to unleash their talents. The final unit of 'The Unit' will consist of 9 men and 9 women." They have also confirmed that trainees and idols will be participating from the following agencies; The organizers that confirmed the appearance on the 'The Unit' include 'Sharing Entertainment', 'Tree Eternity', 'New Planet Entertainment', 'Double S', 'DUNKE AMC', 'Rainbow Entertainment' 'Mafia Records', 'Mad Soul Child', 'Music Factory', 'Banana Culture Entertainment', 'Vine Entertainment', 'Box Media', 'Brand New Music', 'Brave Entertainment' , 'Black hole Entertainment', 'Beat Interactive', 'ShowWorks', 'Snowball Entertainment', 'Starship Entertainment', 'Star Empire', 'Star Crew', 'Arc Partners', 'Apple of Dia' 'Jenny Media', 'Jay Hollick Media', 'Climix Entertainment', 'Wonder Entertainment', 'Wings Entertainment', 'Universal Music' Kiwi Media Group ',' Ostrich Entertainment ',' Fanta 'Fun Entertainment', 'Happy Face Entertainment', 'Hyundai Company', 'Hyunda Company', 'Funny Entertainment', 'HunStar', 'BG Entertainment', 'C9 Entertainment', 'DSP Entertainment' , 'DWM Entertainment', 'GH Entertainment', 'HO Company', 'H2 Media', 'IMM ABB', 'JN Entertainment', 'JSL Company', 'MBK Entertainment', 'NH Entertainment', 'OUI Entertainment' , 'PH Entertainment', 'PR Entertainment', 'STL Entertainment', 'TOP Media', 'TS Entertainment', 'TSM Entertainment', 'WM Entertainment', 'YNB Entertainment', 'ZOO Entertainment' and so on. 

The show will begin airing on October 28th. Are you looking forward to meeting the participants and seeing the exciting stage performances?

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