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GOT7 Reveal Their Drinking Habits & Yugyeom Walking Around Naked on 'Type Talk

By Sumi | October 09, 2017 08:38 PM EDT


Lately, the idea of idols getting drunk is becoming less and less taboo and more embraced for our entertainment. The newest idols to join the list of drunken tom-foolery are now GOT7 and the boys are fun and wild like you'd expect.

The fabulous and comical guys of GOT7 got together with Dingo's 'Type Talk' live broadcast and decided to reveal some fun facts about themselves as well as answer fans' questions! From Dingo sending the idols hilarious gifs of themselves to fans asking questions about their drinking habits and more, the whole broadcast was hilarious and had everyone in tears.

Out of all the topics and questions answered, two caught the attention of many. When discussing his role as a maknae and his relationship with the eldest member, Yugyeom admitted to actually walking around the dorm in very little to no clothing. Fans were overwhelmed and immediately wanted proof - but that won't happen anytime soon!

Finally, the boys revealed their personal drinking habits for a while saying, "Jinyoung is the weakest drinker. One drink and bye-bye!" They continued, "Mark hyung looks like he has to go outside as soon as his face turns red. Next, Jackson hyung, he gets the most excited, gets drunk the fastest then fall asleep." Mark added, "Jackson is this. He says he has to go use the phone and comes back in like 30 minutes." Youngjae talked about Yugeom next, and said, "Yugeom says he has to use the bathroom and he doesn't come back." As for BamBam, the members described him as being the picky one who needs the perfect lighting and setting in order to drink. Next, Youngjae described JB, and typed, "JB hyung's face is already a volcano when he says I'm not drunk."

Interested in hearing more about their personal lives and drunken tales? Check out the funny clip down below!

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