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PRISTIN Kyla's Brother Reveals He's Helping Her Recover + Tweets The Real Reason She Came Back To The U.S.A

By Edward Leary | October 13, 2017 06:07 PM EDT


Recently, the popular and trendy girl group PRISTIN have been having to perform and continue promotions for "We Like" as 9 since member Kyla has bee suffering from deteriorating health conditions. Currently back in the states for healing, Kyla's brother Luke Massie shared some shocking details about her personal condition. 

Pledis had announced earlier this week that "The doctors revealed that it would be difficult for Kyla to go on with her promotions in her current state of health and put recovery as her utmost priority. As a result, we have decided that it would be best for Kyla to focus on recovery at her home in the U.S, despite our regrets." However, fans were not satisfied with this answer.

Shockingly enough, fans have been trying to understand the reason for her dismissal and indefinite hiatus back to the status. What makes it worse is that netizens actually began spreading rumors after seeing Luke's tweet stating, "There is more to the story." Users began saying she might have gone back for mental health reasons or even her weight due to how skinny she is.

However, despite the agency having to provide a statement that is classified and crafted for a public audience, fans did find it odd hat Kyla's brother continued to air their dirty laundry on social media. "Instead of letting his sister recover privately, he seems to be starting a controversy," stated one fan.

Despite criticizing the agency on Twitter, Luke has also let fans know that he is taking care of his sister Kyla and she is recovering steadily and safely at the comfort of their home. What do you think of Luke's behavior and revealing tweets? Share your thoughts down below.

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