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G-Dragon Admits He Feels 'Pressure Weighing Me Down Mentally' As Korea's Biggest Idol

By Chaeil Lee | October 13, 2017 06:56 PM EDT


Being one of Korea's top idols is no easy feat. As expected, the idol life can run a huge toll on you and even your mental health can begin to suffer. BIG BANG's G-Dragon confessed to all this during a recent interview and fans were surprised to hear the idol is suffering from some mental issues after all this time.

On October 13th, with the completion of his world tour for 'M.O.T.T.E. Act III,' G-Dragon shared some attention-grabbing posts on his Instagram which included behind the scenes footage of his time at and during his concert. While some of it shows his time spent traveling back and forth and even meeting with former 2NE1 singer and labelmate Dara, things got more serious in his other clips.

 "Act III:MOTTE" behind of scene demo part.III

A post shared by 권지용 (@xxxibgdrgn) on Oct 11, 2017 at 11:10pm PDT


In the preview clip, G-Dragon made some rather eye-opening comments saying, It's not like I want things to turn bad, you know? How can you say something like that, when you see that I'm booked back to back with all these schedules." He continued to share his issues with being an idol by stating, "Psychological issues also come into play. I'm not sure how many of you feel, but sometimes I feel the pressure of G-Dragon weighing me down." 

But G-Dragon isn't the first idol to suffer from the fame game. Even his fellow group members Daesung and currently T.O.P have suffered from some plight while working in the industry. Daesung had taken some time away from the stage after an incident occurred and T.O.P even overdosed on his anxiety medication after the news of his drug scandal broke out. The members of BIG BANG have all faced a trial in their own distinct way and fans have noticed that.

What do you think about G-Dragon's recent Instagram post? Will he call it quits now that his tour has wrapped up or does he simply need a little vacation time?

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