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Breaking News Revealed That Black Pink Jennie Is In A Relationship - What Is YG's Response?

By Edward Leary | October 16, 2017 07:43 PM EDT


Korean media outlet 'Media Pen' has gone under fire, particularly by YG, after posting and spreading a false rumor of Black Pink's Jennie dating YG produce Teddy who is 18 years her senior. 

The article had stated that the two have been secretly dating and meeting after spending time together within the company. The reports were posted online for 3 days and became a hot issue until YG responded to the situation stating, "This is the first time we are hearing about this news/rumor. It is not true."

After YG Entertainment had heard and responded to the news (which has now been confirmed as not being true), Media Pen has taken down their original article after YG threatened legal actions against them. Now that it has been confirmed that the news was baseless in the end, fans have expressed their anger with the media site as well. Due to the overwhelming responses, the site shows a 'temporarily down' sign upon approaching certain articles.

How do you feel about these senseless rumors flying around? Share your thoughts down below.

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