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Netizens Begin To Blame Red Velvet's Irene For Creating A Problem With San E on Stage

By Edward Leary | October 16, 2017 10:35 PM EDT


After San E was sitting in the hot chair over his "uncomfortable" gestures towards Red Velvet's Irene, netizens began to watch the fan-captured video more closely and have formed a new opinion on the situation and what could have happened.

After the fan-cam video showed some footage of the two idols socializing before MC-ing alongside GOT7's Jackson at the 'Ansan Friendship Super Show' over this weekend, netizens began to speculate the real reasons why Irene acted the way she did while socializing with famous rapper San E. According to some netizens, San E was wrongly targeted.

Irene can be seen reciting some words throughout the video, which viewers pointed out as an act of her trying to remember some lines. "Perhaps she was nervous about being an MC and had a lot to prepare," and "She seems to be focusing on something, perhaps that made her uncomfortable." Throughout the video, Irene can be seen looking down, spacing-out and even fidgeting her hands a lot. Viewers took that as a sign of nervousness rather than discomfort with San E.

Before, fans had left harsh comments towards San E saying, "As soon as he put his arm on her, she immediately became shocked and her whole body stiffened including her face. But instead of considering Irene's reaction, he only looked the audience's reactions." Some even questioned how the show would allow and accept his rude behavior. However, this new viewpoint had viewers second-guessing what actually happened. None of the artists or their agencies have come forward with responses yet.

After viewing the video with these opinions in mind, what do you think of the situation now?

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