Why Was SNL Korea Cancelled?

For fans of the Korean live comedy show SNL Korea, bad news has been revealed. It was officially announced that on October 27th, SNL Korea will be having their last episode.

The original comedy show program, which mimics SNL in the U.S.A and other counties, has been running for over 6 years since its first episode back in January of 2011. The show has even featured a variety of hilarious guests and K-Pop idols over the years, such as EXID and SHINee, and some who even became a permanent part of the cast lineup such as Jay Park. It even helped progress the career of many famous comedians we know and love today.

Now, reporters are stating that the program will be wrapping up and making their last joke after completing season 9. Unfortunately, the broadcasting company nor the cast members have spoken up on the matter with no official statements being released. Are there any favorite moments that you loved while watching SNL Korea? Don't forget to check out our tribute feature and stay tuned for more updates!



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