WANNA-ONE Charms Media And Fans At Press Conference In Singapore

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WANNA-ONE, who just freshly debuted in August of this year, had arrived for the very first time in Singapore. The South Korean boy group consists of 11 member, were all picked by audience's live votings through the 2nd Season of the survival show, PRODUCE 101, in which out of 101 trainees, only 11 will be selected after rounds of trainings, evaluations and audience votes to form the final group, later named as 'WANNA-ONE'. The 11 boys are, Leader Yoon Jisung, first place and center Kang Daniel, Park Jihoon, NU'EST member Hwang Minhyun, Lee Daehwi, Hotshot member Ha Sungwoon, Park Woojin, Kim Jaehwan, Ong Seongwoo, Bae Jinyoung and youngest member Lai Kuanlin. Very much like their female counterparts from the season 1 show of PRODUCE 101, they will only be promoting for a period of time, before each member returns to their own individual companies.

This is a dream team made out of extremely talented and versatile individuals, granting them the ability to be flexible in many areas, and also incorporate many different themes and styles. For example, they excel in ballad yet also hiphop, vocals and dance, and can even do whacking, contemporary and b-boying!

Their debut album, '1+1=1 (To Be One)' swept Online Music Charts immediately upon release. The group's title track, called "Energetic" hit first on real-time charts of the six major music sites - Melon, Genie, Bugs, Mnet, Naver, and Soribada. "Burn It Up" placed second on Melon, Genie, Bugs, and Naver, third on Soribada, and fourth on Mnet. The other three tracks that had not been released previously also placed in the top 10 of most of the charts.

During their time in Singapore for the fanmeet 'WANNA BE LOVED', Kpopstarz had the exclusive opportunity to catch up with the boys through a press conference.

The boys shared that despite only having spent such a short time in Singapore, they had already tried the famous Chili Crab that this tiny island is known for. When asked whether they have tried anything else, they said no - to which the MC offered to bring the boys out for Chicken Rice during lunch! We definitely agree that it is a must try.

They revealed that they were given a 3 days break after their first promotional cycle, and shared with us how they spent it. Woojin revealed that each member had their own hobbies, so we actually play games, slept and for me, I caught up on the dramas I was previously watching or couldn't watch. Daehwi also chipped in, saying that Jaehwan, Daniel and he were actually writing and composing a song, so they were also preparing it during the break. He teased the fans, saying that the song would only be released later in the future, to which Kuanlin said, 'It will come out soon'.

They also shared their memorable experiences during the creation of their debut album and songs, where Kuanlin mentioned it was music video filming for him, as they were wearing jackets and it was extremely hot, but it came out really nice still, thus making the experience really awesome. Seongwu shared about the filming of the song 'Burn It Up', where there was supposed to be a highlight scene of water bombs pouring on them, but because it was raining so much they didn't have to use any special effects. Fans chorused their appreciation for the scene as the boys mentioned that they were wearing white shirts, but Kuanlin cheekily cut in saying that they had jackets over still.

They shared that their debut stage was actually very memorable and moving to them, because it was the first time all 11 of them were actually performing together under the name of WANNA-ONE, and that because it was also a live stage. Jihoon shared that actually everytime they go on stage was memorable and emotional to him, whenever they sing and dance, because there are actually many people who like and support us, so he really tries and put in his all.

Next the MC asked whether there is anything the WANNA-ONE members do after they get back from schedules, like practicing or packing up, as they all stayed in a dormitory together, and how it was like staying together. They revealed that after schedules, they actually order takeaway in, and eat together. Surprised, the MC asked whether they have a hard time maintaining their diet and figure, to which Daehwi replied that they practiced hard too! Not only that, they revealed that their time at night or after schedules was also where they do what they like to do, like their hobbies mentioned.

Next, the MC asked what the rooming arrangements among the members were, especially during the promotional cycle. Sungwoon revealed that this time in Singapore, they actually have a room to every member, so they could choose whichever room to visit, and that usually, whatever room the staff gives to them, they just take it. They also revealed that the room arrangement in the dorms were decided during a game in their show WANNA-ONE GO, which the fans were familiar with, and as they spend time together, they were actually comfortable with everyone.

The members then went to pick out the qualities they would like of another member, to  which Sungwoon Kuanlin's height, Kuanlin about Woojin's dance skills, Seongwu about Daniel's physical build, Daniel about Jihoon's shoulders, Jihoon about Jinyoung's small face, Minhyun's handsome features, Minhyun about Daehwi's natural aegyo, and Daehwi of Jaehwan's vocals to be able to hit notes easily. They also poked fun at Jinyoung's small face, stating that he likes to wear 'bucket hats' which match to larger faces more, overall declaring him as member with the worst fashion/airport fashion sense, always rejecting the stylist's clothing offers.

The members shared that their recently released debut EP, To Be One, or 1x1=1, actually has the meaning for WANNA-ONE and their fans to become one, together, and that Energetic represents them the best for who they are, and so they really recommend that song. This kicked off the question where the MC asked the boys to pick out the most and least energetic member. Woojin is the most energetic member and Kuanlin and Daehwim as the least energetic members. Woojin revealed that it was maybe because he doesn't like silence, and thus like to be around a lot of people. Kuanlin said that he was chosen as one of the least energetic because during their rest time, he prefers to be alone and has his own space, whilst Daehwi said that maybe it was because he prefers smaller company like talking one on one.

Lastly, for a special question directed to Kuanlin, he was asked what was his hardships and favorite moment being the only foreign member in the group. To this, he replied that language was the biggest barrier, whilst his favorite moments were when all eleven of them could be together.

Special thanks to IME Productions Singapore and Three Angles Production for inviting KpopStarz to cover Press Conference of "WANNA ONE 1ST FAN MEETING IN SINGAPORE : WANNA BE LOVED".

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