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Yulhee Leaves LABOUM - What Happens To The Girl Group Now?

By Edward Leary | November 06, 2017 08:58 AM EST


Sad news for fans of the rookie girl group LABOUM as member Yulhee has confirmed, alongside her agency, her departure from the group. On November 3rd, NH Media responded to media reports and confirmed that Yulhee will no longer be a member of the rising-in-popularity group LABOUM.

While the girl group continued on the path to success in the K-Pop world, it was stated multiple times that member Yulhee no longer wanted to be in LABOUM or work in the industry. Many fans felt suspicious as this news quickly occurred after her sudden news of dating F.T. Island's Minhwan surfaced in late September. 

Suspicion continued to arise as may wonder if Minhwan advised her about the idol world or if she wanted to keep her relationship away from the spotlight, especially since it was a secret, to begin with. Now, after 3 years as an idol and several more training, Yulhee left a letter stating why she had left and her exhaustion from being an idol.

"Everyone! Hello, this is Yulhee.
The weather's getting colder these days, so please dress warm and be careful about colds. You were all probably surprised by the sudden news, but aside from my apologetic feelings, I'm writing this letter because I wanted to say something to our fans.

I'm very thankful for the past 3 years that I've spent as a member of LABOUM. I've made many precious memories with the fans and members. I laughed and I cried a lot during these past years, and I spent a lot of happy days wondering if I deserved so much love.

However, there was also a time that I went through a lot of emotional hardships, and I asked myself numerous questions and worried about my future. During that long period of time, I talked about my concerns with my members and people at the agency, and they've decided to respect my decision. I'm announcing with an apologetic heart that today is my last day as Yulhee of LABOUM.

Many of you were probably surprised by the sudden news, and I'm so sorry for disappointing fans when they've given me so much love. I'm sad I can't keep my promise to stay by your side, but looking back, I realized there have been so many moments that I won't forget. It must've been so difficult and painful for my fellow LABOUM members to accept my decision, so I feel very thankful and apologetic to them as well. I'll always support them.

It's my last moment as LABOUM's Yulhee, and I ask that you keep supporting my fellow members. I also hope you support my future as Kim Yulhee. To the fans, members, and Global H Media employees, thank you for the precious memories and experiences. 

Finally, thank you to all those who loved and supported me. I won't forget you.

The now 5 member girl group debuted back in 2014 with their song "Pit-A-Pat" in August but become quite popular after their album track "What About You" gained fame for its quirky and whimsical sound alongside the entertaining doll-like dance and choreography. They continued t become popular with hits like "Shooting Love" and their recent comeback "Hwi Hwi". 

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