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This Is What It'd Look Like If Your Favorite K-Pop Idols Were Snacks

By Edward | June 20, 2018 02:12 AM EDT


Let's face it - while our favorite K-Pop idols are lookin' like a snack each and every day, there are just some idols who embody the elements of these delicious Korean treats! Whether their tall and slim like a box of pepero or have a funky hairstyle as colorful as a gumdrop, these idols are quite possibly the most delicious of the bunch! Check out which idols made it to our shopping list.

EXID Hani - Honey Butter Chips

Hani of EXID is meant to be a Honey Butter Chip for two reasons! For one, they both share a common name and truly are sweet as honey, but the real reason Hani pairs up perfectly with this tasty snack is that they both blew up with intense popularity in Korea quite unexpectedly. Just like Honey Butter Chips, Hani is the hot topic of the K-Pop world. Plus, she even loves eating them - See?

BTS Jungkook - Cherry Blossom Strawberry Choco Pie

BTS Junkook's pink angelic hair is quite unforgettable. Just as refreshing as the Springtime, Jungkook wowed us with his new style. His bright pink hair was not only beautiful to look at but addicting to see on him each and every time. Once you have strawberry choco pies, there is no going back!

Orange Caramel - Squid and Shrimp Crackers

The queens of exotic costumes are none other than Orange Caramel. The pure reason why these girls would be every seafood flavor snack in all of Korea is highly due to their most popular song and MV "Catallena." Just like these fishy snacks, Orange Caramel dish up a unique sense of flavor and style that is only suitable for distinct people.

EXO Kai - Ghana Chocolate

EXO's Kai is one smooth, handsome man who has a beautiful tan to boot! Although his fellow members make fun of his tan skin, we embrace it and can't get enough of it. Which is why EXO's Kai makes the perfect snack that no one could ever resist - chocolate!

Big Bang G-Dragon - Latte Pepero

G-Dragon is a true lover of coffee, he even runs a couple of cafes in Korea, too! That is why G-Dragon makes the perfect snack as Latte Flavored Pepero. The taste is refined, mature and elegant just like the creative artist himself.

F(x) Amber - Nude Pepero

Amber isn't like all the other idols - she is different! Just like a nude pepero, Amber is transparent, unique and delightful inside and out! She would be the snack to capture everyone's attention and for all the right reasons!

TWICE Nayeon - Jelly Bowl

Nayeon of TWICE makes the perfect Kakaotalk Friends Jelly Bowl for many reasons. Not only is she heartwarmingly sweet like pudding, but we all know her to be the cute, charming bunny among the girls and she goes hand and hand with the cute bunny on the packaging. Her round plushy cheeks are just another bonus feature to make her appear more like a squishy pudding cup!

GOT7 Mark - My Gummy Cake

GOT7's Mark was all the rage the moment he hit the stage with his donut hoodie! Although we honestly wish Mark could resemble all of the wonderful cakes in all of Korea, he makes the perfect gummy cake because of his live and bouncy nature! Mark is sweet, vibrant and irresistible just like these gummy-filled treats!

2NE1 Park Bom - Spicy Rice Cake

As far as we know, Park Bom has been a redhead for the longest and it seems to become her signature look over the years in K-Pop. Since Park Bom and 2NE1 are such a classic part of K-Pop history, they should only be compared to a classic but trendy street food as well and that is Ddokbokki (Spicy rice cakes). They will both 100% have the "Fire."

HyunA - Chicken DrumStick Chips

Just like we can't get enough of chicken, we cannot get enough of HyunA. Despite her small, petite frame, HyunA boasts a lot of flavorful and spice - just like a spicy chicken flavored chip! They are both bold, a little out there and ready to make things hot. ;)

BONUS - LOVELYZ 'Candy Jelly Love'

With all this talk of candy, especially Jelly Box sets, who couldn't think of LOVELYZ debut track "Candy Jelly Love"? It was practically ringing the whole time in my head! Enjoy the lovely tune while your purchase some sweet treats!

Looking for a way to try some of these sweet and tasty snacks? Click on the pictures or click HERE and find your way to a land of Korean goodies and more!

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