Twice Talks About Their Tour And Music At The Press Conference In Singapore

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South Korea's titled Nation's Girl Group Twice came to Singapore for their latest tour, "Fantasy Park'. The group, consisting on nine stellar members, Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu, were also promoting their comeback, 'What is Love?', in conjunction with this tour.

'What is Love?' is Twice's fifth extended play, which released on the 9th of April, 2018. The title song, also "What is Love?" earned the beloved girl group 12 wins across the music shows they were promoting on for their comeback.

KpopStarz was given the exclusive chance to catch up with the girls during their Press Conference before the concert, where Nayeon expressed how grateful she was able to come back to Singapore within a year. Jihyo added she was thankful that they had double the fans they used to have last year and she looked forward to meet.

When asked about what theme park ride they would like to have, in lieu with their concert tour being "Fantasy Park', Sana stated that she loves roller coasters. So she hoped to ride it and would welcome ONCEs, Twice's Fandom, to join her and enjoy together. Mina also stated that she would like to have spinning wheels/cups, which would also help her wish of having a bigger stage.

When asked what they would like to try in Singapore, Momo mentioned the iconic Chili and Pepper crabs. Sana even shared that they tried it the day before, after their arrival. Surprisingly, the mantou, a steamed or friend cloud-like bun, which is often served with the dish, was also mentioned to be a favourite, which she would like to have again.

'Only You' was revealed as one of their favourite songs, because they feel like during this song, fans actually sing along with them and they can enjoy the stage together. So they can look forward to have a great performance for this song.  Dahyun also mentioned that she was extremely excited for the opening of the concert, where she would hear fans cheering, which would give her goose bumps in wanting to meet the fans immediately at that second, and was hoping everybody would look forward together.

On becoming the first foreign female artists to have a single album certified double platinum in Japan, Jihyo felt very grateful that 'TT' was received very well in Japan, which gave them the opportunity to debut in Japan and receive the award.

'TT' also held a special place in the members' hearts as many people got to know Twice through that song. Momo felt the song's catchy beats, along with the easy dance moves, made the song very addictive and easy to move to. Another song that also held a fond memory was their debut song 'OOH-AAH'.

On what went behind the scenes during their music video filming, Tzuyu mentioned that they really like to play the 'Mafia Game' before filming. Jeongyeon shared that the fact that they had to dress up as "males" in 'What is Love?' music video was memorable to her.

Just like every other person, Twice definitely has their travel must-have items. Jihyo picked camera as she really likes taking pictures of other people and herself, while Jeongyeon chose headsets not because her ears are usually painful on the plane. Interestingly, Tzuyu mentioned her pick was a bath bomb, as she likes to soak in the hotel bathtub.\

For the final question, the members were asked which Twice song they felt was the best to help people learn Korean. Tzuyu recommended 'You in My Heart' as she felt the lyrics were well written and it's lovely song so she wanted their listeners to know and understand what the lyrics mean. Jihyo suggested 'What is Love?' because the lyrics contained simple words and phrases, which can be used in daily day life. She felt if people learn and understand that song, it will be easy for them to learn Korean faster. 

Special thanks to ONE PRODUCTION for inviting to cover TWICE 2nd Tour "TWICELAND ZONE 2: FANTASY PARK" Press Conference In Singapore.  

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