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UP10TION Talks Touring, Summer Musts and More in a Speed Q&A (INTERVIEW)

By Staff Reporter | July 30, 2018 02:07 AM EDT


In the midst of their first ever U.S. live concert and meet and greet, we had the chance to catch up with UP10TION last month for a speed Q&A where anyone in the group could blurt out the first thing in their heads.

Using the whole tracklist off Invitation, we've compiled and curated questions to get to know Jinhoo, Kuhn, Kogyeol, Wei, Bitto, Wooshin, Sunyoul, Gyujin, Hwanhee and Xiao better.

KPS: "INVITATION" - Welcome back to the New York/U.S. and congrats on the tour! How does it feel?

Sunyoul: I want to live in New York!
Gyujin: The weather is so nice, the sky is beautiful. We had the chance to see the New York skyline!
Bitto: The skyline view from across the river.
Gyujin: The Hudson River!
Kuhn: I saw the Statue of Liberty!

KPS: "CANDYLAND" - As candy comes in different flavors, so does your music. UPI OTION's music touches upon different genres, do any members have a personal favorite genre or rhythm you like so far? Or is there a genre you would like to try?

Bitto: I like future bass music.
Xiao: I like Ballads.
Kuhn: I like EDM.
Hwanhee: [I'd like to try] Future bass!
Kuhn: Hip-hop, I'd also like to do hip-hop.
Bitto: Sad songs.

KPS: "Target On" - Next target location for a dream concert?

Sunyoul: I want to come back to New York!
Jinhoo: The biggest arena in New York.
Wei: If not, where we were last year for KCON [Prudential Center].

KPS: "Finally" - All 10 of you are complete and have released your first album - what was the process like to qet this first album out?

Kuhn: Invitation was our full length album release so there were many tracks. It was quite a process to write the lyrics, especially all the rap lines.
KPS: Were there funny or memorable incidents during the recording?
Frankly, for the recording process there were no incidents.
Jinhoo: We had to record and release the album really fast/soon.
Hwanhee: I think we had more incidents during the filming of the music video.
Jinhoo: We were very scared. It was in a deserted hospital.

KPS: "Habit" - A bad habit you wish you could get rid of? Or are there any habits you picked up from each other?

Wei: I bite my nails.
Gyujin: I have a habit of twitching while I sleep so I tend to hit people if they're next to me.
KPS: Any habits they see or want to tell other members about?
Gyujin: Ah! Wei hyung tends to sleep with his mouth open so I want to close his mouth. It looks like bug will go in.
Wei: I don't care. [laughs]
Jinhoo: Oh! I would like Hwanhee to cough with his mouth covered.

KPS: "Mixed Signals" - Craziest thing you have received from a fan?

Wei: I think it was in Seattle, someone gave me small box with a key inside and she said it was a key to her heart. I said thank you and I still have it.
Bitto: In Puerto Rico, someone gave a lottery ticket and a pencil with a prize worth $10 million if you win but, because I don't know the rules, I didn't play.

KPS: "Always" - It's a Summer tour! What are your travel must haves or things you must do during the Summer? Either as a group or individuals!

Xiao: Shirt and pants/shorts!
Hwanhee: Swim shorts!
Sunyoul: Slippers!
Jinhoo and Bitto: [Go to a] Swimming pool!

KPS: "Superstar" - Dream collaboration?

Bitto: Usher!
Kuhn: Drake!
Jinhoo: Chris Brown!
Gyujin: Ed Sheeran!
Hwanhee: Maroon 5!

KPS: "Love Sick" - Current obsession at the moment? (Song, hobby, artist, movie, etc.)

Sunyoul: New York ice cream. I love it so much! Especially Ben and Jerry's!
Kuhn: Mobile games
Hwanhee: Swimming in different pools
Jinhoo: There were pools in all the hotels that we stayed so we went swimming all the time.

KPS: "Still With You" - If you could bring a member with you on a deserted island, who would it be? And why?

Xiao: Kuhn! He is very strong! Hwanhee: Kuhn would be best.
Bitto: So we can have Kuhn can do all the hard labor!
Gyujin: Bitto cooks well but-
Bitto: I can only cook what I know very well.
Wei: But for survival skills Kuhn is more reliable.
Gyujin: Yeah for survival skills its Kuhn.
Kuhn: I like to watch Bear Grylls.

KPS: "I Need You" - What do you guys wish to achieve as a group in the future after your first ever U.S. Tour? Message to fans?

Bitto: I think we have to finish the tour first. Nothing planned as of yet.
Jinhoo: It's our first US solo tour but a lot of fans came to see us for the concert and that gave us so much energy and joy during this tour so we are so thankful that we can be back here [in New York].

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