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VAV Take the Spotlight in Jersey City at Their Meet & Live Tour

By Kaitlin Cunanan | September 05, 2018 03:57 PM EDT


VAV kicked off their Meet & Live Tour in US on August 17, 2018, with their New Jersey show at White Eagle Hall! Presented by Studio PAV, the tour made stops in Jersey City, Atlanta, Dallas, and Chicago, giving US VAMPZ across the nation the chance to interact with their faves and a night of a lifetime. Here's what went down in Jersey City's White Eagle Hall, with VAV in the spotlight!

The excitement started early for many fans, who started lining up in the morning in hopes of snagging a front row spot for the concert. Prior to the concert, fans with VVIP-tier tickets were able to attend a fansign with VAV -- meaning fans could talk with the group up close as they signed an album especially for them.

Entering the intimate White Eagle Hall venue, you could already feel the love for VAV -- fans sang and danced along to VAV's hit tracks like ABC and Dance with Me. Fans cheered loudly as the lights went down, and the fanmeet started with a dance cover group performing medleys of VAV's title tracks. The stage was filled with charisma even prior to VAV appearing!

VAV started the night off by taking the White Eagle Hall stage with "Spotlight" in dashing white outfits. The audience was filled with screams and swoons -- the venue's small space allowed for lots of intimate fanservice, flirting, and eye contact with fans!

They smoothly transitioned into "Dance With Me", with the audience definitely wanting to dance with the group! Ace even held the microphone out to fans to sing along with him, grooving and full of smiles.

Following "Dance With Me" were self-introductions from the seven-member group, where St. Van, Jacob, Ayno, Ace, Baron, Ziu, and Lou greeted the audience individually. Ace's introduction in particular was special, as fans sang "Happy Birthday" and bounced balloons onto the stage for his upcoming birthday!

They then invited a translator up on the stage for the rest of the ment, discussing their experience so far in the US! Ace was so excited to finally come see US Vampz, even greeting the fans in English himself. Baron was impressed by the New York skyline, and the group enjoyed the Broadway staple, the Lion King musical!

With the US impressing the boys of VAV, the boys had to go impress their US fans by showing off their personal talents. In the spirit of the Lion King, Ziu sang a bit of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" to their fans, who went crazy over his deep vocals (and definitely felt his love). Jacob showed off his sexy dance and ended with some aegyo, not before his groupmates lovingly teased and made fun of him. Ayno spit some powerful bars and was similarly clowned! VAV's comfort level with both each other and the stage was a fun gift for fans to witness.

The ment ended with a burst of fan love in a discussion of their latest track "Spotlight" -- how the song was written about "you guys", the fans of VAV! Lou taught fans the song's signature "Ra ta ta ta ta" and asked them to sing along. Ziu loudly declared that the fans' attempt was "amazing"!

VAV then performed their reggae-inspired bop "Flower (You)", with an iconic "yoo-hoo-hoo~" hook! The song was full of lots of aegyo and skinship for their fans, and the song's dance break allowed for the group to show off their endless charisma. Their following song, "ABC (Middle of the Night)" was similarly full of fun -- the fun continued into the next portion of the night, a post-it-driven ment!

Fans were given the opportunity to write questions for VAV on post-its prior to the concert. The first post-it that VAV chose was to sing "Happy Birthday" to a celebrating fan, which they did very happily! VAV ended up singing the song a couple more times for other audience members celebrating their birthdays, with Ziu even chiming in with a cute birthday dance. The post-its continued with Baron singing a sweet song while his members hyped him up, and Ziu showing off some sexy poses while his members teased him! He even sang the iconic line from Bazzi's "Mine" -- he's so. Precious. When he. Smiles!

The next segment of the show was called "Can You Wish", where VAV brought some fans onto stage and fulfilled their wildest, VAV-filled dreams! The boys did aegyo and girl group dances, and took a group photo, forming a heart around a fan. St. Van showed off his vocal skills, singing Charlie Puth's "One Call Away" while Ayno beatboxed, then serenaded the fan chosen as his partner while holding her hand romantically... until he cracked up laughing with the other members teasing him! The male fan partnered with Ziu received a cool handshake and a freestyle rap serenade -- featuring the cutest "I love you, bro!" ever.

Ayno and Ziu then performed a special stage with "Don't Sleep", a sultry track off of Ayno's mixtape. It was the first time they showcased the song live, so they were very happy that the audience gave them such positive feedback! Ziu commented that he wants to make more music for his fans, like a mixtape track featuring Lou. The rest of the group then rejoined them on stage to perform their hit tracks "Give It to Me" and "She's Mine"!

Onto more special stages! Ace performed a snippet of the classic Goblin OST "Beautiful", with the entire audience waving their arms along to his soulful vocals. Ayno sang a bit of Drake's hit "In My Feelings", getting the crowd lit, dancing, and wondering if Keke loves them. VAV also performed covers of Camila Cabello's "Havana", Zedd, Marren Morris, and Grey's "In The Middle", and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk". Each performance showcased the group's powerful vocal lines and, above all, how much fun they have; during "Uptown Funk", they even started a conga line on stage.

A treat to the VAMPZ in attendance, VAV unveiled the first live performance ever of their unreleased song "Señorita"! Their upcoming comeback shows VAV experimenting with latin music influences, while keeping their true-to-style funky beats and fun choreography. They mellowed down the excitement with a calmer song -- their emotional vocal line track, "Winter Breeze".

During their ending ment, VAV asked their fans to support their upcoming comeback with "Señorita", and expressed their gratefulness. While they're really into R&B, rap, soul, and other parts of the American musical culture, there are many Americans that love K-Pop -- this cultural exchange is something VAV treasures almost as much as they treasure their VAMPZ. VAV ended their set with their funky disco track "Gorgeous", and drove home their love for their fans with a flower-filled encore of "Spotlight".

After the concert were more fan engagement sessions, with hi-touches and group photos for fans with VVIP or VIP tickets, and the Studio PAV-exclusive Snapshot polaroids -- so many ways for fans to express their love and gratefulness to VAV after such an unforgettable night.

VAV's Meet & Live Tour in US was a definite success.

Tickets for their next event, Jung Joon-young's US Live Tour, are available now in addition to the announcement of Teen Top's Winter tour! Don't miss out on the chance to meet and interact with some of your faves.


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