BTS Release 'Idol' With Nicki Minaj

By Lee | September 09, 2018 08:17 PM EDT


BTS are back at it again and completely dominated the music scene - not only in Korea but also internationally! Now, to keep the hype going among their American fans, the boys cleverly included famous American female rapper Nicki Minaj on their album.

Keeping to their hip-hop image and appeal, the fab boys of BTS released the song 'Idol,' which is a loud and boisterous song that compels viewers with its trippy scenery, colorful aesthetics and quite humorous dance moves. The song even started a trending challenge online as well thanks to the fun promotions of the dance routine by the members.

The songs catchy melody alongside the boy's familiar rap styles make the song easy to digest. The addition of Nicki Minaj's funky style and charms pair nicely with leader RM's distinct vocals as well. Check out the fun video below and get lost in your favorite 'Idol'.

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