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BTS Earn Thier Own Star On The Hollywood Walk of Fame!

By Edward Leary | September 09, 2018 08:54 PM EDT


If you thought the boys of BTS couldn't get any bigger, think again11 The boys have risen to extreme success since the release of their latest album 'Love Yourself: Answer' and their main promotional track "Idol" going viral with its sensational dance craze.

Now, aside from breaking records all across the international charts such as placing within BillBoard's 'Top 200' chart twice this year, they are proving their legacy in the music scene by having their own star on the famous 'Hollywood Walk of Fame,' a road paved with gold, concrete stars paved into the street in LA alongside many famous actors, singers and performers. 

However, it has been revealed that it was all a hoax! Fans believed it to be true, especially after seeing the photos surfacing across the internet (as shown above). Although it did seem rather peculiar that only member Jimin has mentioned and engraved, some members of the ARMY fandom didn't think much of it. With some easy investigating, it was effortlessly easy to prove that the photo was a shame.

Fans pulled up details of how professional artists earn a star on the 'Hollywood Walk of Fame,' and it isn't as easy as just writing your name on the dotted line. Legally, The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce must oversee the operation by selecting and notifying the artists first. The candidate must be nominated as well to be even considered for the star of fame. Afterward, celebrities sign off in agreement and then attend the ceremony. 

After seeing the fake news, one fan commented, "I recently seen a fansite under the name Mighty_Jimin who is getting a lot of praise recently for putting fake letters on an empty Hollywood star and claiming to have PURCHASED it for Park Jimin." They later announced, "I just got told she may have said she used foam letters."

Now, it is not to say that BTS will never get a star any time soon, but at least we know how they must prepare and can expect them to be in the USA ready to photograph their next big achievement! Keep those fingers crossed, everyone!

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