Red Velvet Successfully Completes First Concert In Singapore, Despite Joy's Unexpected Injury

By iReporter Team | October 23, 2018 08:55 PM EDT


Red Velvet brought ReVeluvs (their fandom name) to a fun journey through their first solo concert, Redmare in Singapore on 20 October 2018, at The Star Vista. Redmare followed the quintet consisting of Irene, Joy, Seulgi, Wendy and Yeri to an amusement park where they experienced dream-like settings, shown in 5 VCRs dividing the concert into 5 segments.

Red Velvet started the concert with 'Russian Roulette' and their catchy new songs 'Power Up' and 'Cookie Jar'. During their first talk segment, they taught the point choreography for 'Power Up', where they called one of the moves 'Baby Shark' dance. In the second VCR, the girls entered a magical land with large cute creatures and the clip ended in a cliff hanger suspense when the safari rangers caught them.The stage setup swiftly changed into a safari theme, signalling the start of the next segment, where they performed 'Mr. E', 'Zoo', 'Happiness' and 'Hit that drum'.

In the third segment, after performing 'Bad Dracula', Red Velvet paused the concert as Joy had some problems with her in-ear and needed to get it fixed. Yeri and Wendy started interacting with fans to keep up their energy. Wendy waved to the fans upstairs and asked 'Can you see us up there?' Yeri shared that she was the one who gave the name of the robot, which is the mascot for their Redmare concert. She said 'Reve (pronounced as Reeve), I wanted it to be something similar to ReVeluvs. In French, Reve means mystery!' All the ReVeluvs applauded and cheered Yeri for coming up a name with them in mind and it fits the concert theme as well. Seulgi added excitedly 'I want to show off too! I drew this robot! As we do more concerts in future, I'm sure more members will take part in the production.'

Yeri started an impromptu chatting topic by declaring in English 'I changed my curls, how do I look?' Seulgi joined her as she twirled her blond hair, while asking coyly 'I am the one who changed the most isn't it? (Am I) Pretty? Pretty? Really Pretty?' Irene shared that she bleached her hair twice, it looked similar to ash colour but it is actually beige. At this point, Seulgi mentioned that Joy experienced shoulder pain earlier on and asked fans not to worry as 'We will take care of Joy. When she returned on stage, please tell her to take care ok?'

As the unexpected break in the concert was longer than expected, Wendy continued the friendly banter by talking about food, 'We really like chilli crab and pepper crab. Before the concert started we ate kaya toast'. Upon hearing that, Yeri declared in English 'I loveeee it!' Seulgi said this felt like a fanmeeting, as they do not usually get to communicate with fans that much during a concert. Red Velvet then walked to the sides of the stage to see the faces of their fans more clearly. Seulgi jokingly said 'Now I know your faces, if you see me on the streets please say hello.'

When Joy returned onstage, her right arm was bandaged in a sling, she started crying as she spoke, 'When dancing I feel the pain from my shoulder to the elbow. I have an emergency cure backstage and I have to go to the hospital. I look forward to meet Singapore fans. Sorry I got hurt.' ReVeluvs started chanting 'gwen-chan-a' (Meaning 'It's ok' in Korean) to show their unfailing support. The concert resumed with the next song 'All Right', a song that seems to be dedicated to Joy, hoping she will be alright.

In the fourth segment, the VCR showed Red Velvet in a haunted house, the dark and creepy atmosphere reminded us of Halloween horror nights. Yeri asked during their talk segment, 'Did you see the scary video before this? Are you all scared?' She confessed that she was scared during the filming. Irene spoke about the hearts paper fan project that fans prepared during 'Moonlight Melody', 'I closed my eyes when I was singing. I'm surprised to see so many of you holding the hearts. I'm so touched.' Red Velvet added a robot dance before they performed 'Bad Boy'. Wendy mentioned 'It was our first time doing a robot dance and we laughed while practising it.' They continued to perform their addictive hits 'Red Flavour', 'Rookie' and 'Ice Cream Cake', which were well received with loud fanchants.

In the ending segment, Seulgi gave an update, 'Joy has safely arrived at the hospital. She was worried before she left, leaving the 4 of us to continue with the concert. How was the 4 of us?' ReVeluvs cheered loudly to show that the 4 of them had done a good job.Red Velvet proceeded to share their thoughts about the concert. Wendy started speaking in Korean, before pausing and asked herself cutely, 'Why am I speaking in Korean?' The other Red Velvet members then teasingly asked her to 'Speak English.' Wendy described ReVeluvs 'as a gift to me, because of you guys we can perform here. Thank you for giving us your precious time. Promise to do a lot of concerts here.' Seulgi shared her love for ReVeluvs, declaring 'you guys are really the best, whatever we have today; we take it as an experience and improve ourselves. Next time we come back, it will be the 5 of us.' Yeri thanked Singapore ReVeluvs and expressed the regret, 'Really sorry we weren't able to show the 5 of us on stage. Although it was an unexpected incident, Singapore ReVeluvs are so energetic, so we can finish this concert well.' Irene looked visibly upset as she spoke 'I'm really sad. But when we sang 'Red Flavor', you guys were singing along, I took off my in-ears and danced to your singing. Thank you so much for coming tonight.'

Hours after the concert ended, the concert organiser One Production updated their Facebook with a notice on Joy's injury.

Notice from One Production:

Doctor diagnosed that due to sudden pressure on the muscle, the pain was caused. One Production, SM Entertainment and Dream Maker Entertainment deeply appreciate all the concerns from the media and the fans. We will like to assure everyone that Joy is in good condition and hasreturned to Korea as scheduled.

We appreciate the quick update to reassure fans and hope that Joy can have aspeedy recovery.

Special thanks to ONE PRODUCTION for inviting to cover Red Velvet 2nd Concert [REDMARE] In Singapore.   

Writer: Ashley Ngo | Photo Credits: One Production


1. Russian Roulette

2. Power Up

3. Cookie Jar (JPN)

4. Mosquito

5. Look

6. Mr. E

7. Zoo

8. Happiness

9. Hit that drum

10. Lucky Girl

11. Bad Dracula

12. All Right

13. Blue Lemonade

14. About Love

15. Moonlight Melody

16. Bad Boy

17. Peek-A-Boo

18. Dumb Dumb

19. Red Flavor

20. Rookie

21. Ice Cream Cake

22. Day 1 

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