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Subin Talks Music, Inspirations, Her Desire to Write for TWICE and More! [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

By Lai Frances | December 04, 2018 10:41 AM EST


Debuting as a member of the K-pop quintet Dal Shabet in 2012, Subin has made a name for herself as a soloist since her departure in 2016. 

Known to be a multi-faceted artist who has quite the talent to produce and write her own music, the former girl group-turned-soloist released her first single album (Flower), EP (Our Love), and  digital single (Moon, Pt. 1) all within a year. Bringing a different sound to the table than the usual bubbly gum pop, Subin offers refreshing indie beats that's easy-listening for anyone to hear.

As she preps for her next release (coming soon), Subin took some time to tell us more about her and her music.

1. As you’ve moved on to be a solo artist, how would you personally describe your music?

I think my music style can be described as an incorporation of honest feelings with witty lyrics. Because the genre is decided based on the overall feel of the music, I try to experiment with different songs of a variety of genres.

2. You’ve written your own songs which carry a more indie and ballad feel to when you’re Subin of Dal Shabet, are there any genres, or concepts, you would like to dive into?

EDM!! I want to create a song that everyone can enjoy and have fun with. It’d be nice if I could have Dal Shabet make a special appearance in the music video as well.

3. Any artists you’d like to write for?

TWICE! I’d feel proud has a fellow Korean to be able to gift a song to these beautiful young ladies who are currently leading K-pop.

4. What gives you the inspiration to write your music? Take us through the process of it.

I typically like to go discover new places, take bus or subway rides, and just walk around observing different people and objects in everyday life. Sometimes, I gain inspiration from feelings I get while observing these people and things. Whether I’m happy, overwhelmed, or simple – these feelings all gift me with songs.

5. Dream collaborations? Korean and Western artists?

Park Bom and Grace!! Park Bom’s unique ton and vibe has always been a motto of mine. I was a fan of Grace before her appearance on Unpretty Rapstar, but afterwards, I fell deeper into her music and her vocals. If there’s an opportunity, I would love to work with them!

6. If you can sing one of your solo tracks for the rest of your life, which song would it be and why?

“미워” (“Hate You”) was my first solo title track. If it wasn’t for this track, solo artist Subin probably wouldn’t have existed. Out of all of my songs, this one is probably the most emotional. I think I have a lot of affection for this song because it captures honest, pure feelings from when I was younger.

7. What is the most important thing you’ve learn from being in Dal Shabet that helped you become a solo artist today?

Dal Shabet’s Joker album gave me opportunities to express my own ideas, and through working on this album, I was able to not only gain experience, but also receive healing.

8. Current obsession at the moment? (It can be a song, hobby/activity, show, etc.)

Pilates, playing the piano, learning English, and Veronica Maggio’s “Jak Komme”.

9. What is on your wish list for your career?

I want to become the type of artist whose fans wait in anticipation and curiosity because they can’t even imagine what new genre and concept I’ll be returning with once they hear that I’m coming out with a new album.

10. Advice for individuals who’d like to pursue a career in music?

For anyone who’s pursuing a career in music, I would advise you to continue to tirelessly work on projects. It’s necessary for even people who love music that get stressed from the creative process to heal again through music itself. I hope that through diligent music-making, you’ll be able to find happiness in your music career.

11. What’s next for Subin?

Look forward to Subin’s upcoming album!


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