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If you've seen BTOB performance or attended their concert prior to this fan meeting, you definitely know they don't mess around. Extremely talented with their musicality, infectious and hilarious personalities among the members, they truly will mesmerize you once they go up on stage and leave the fans wanting more.

Hence,'Tis the season to feel the melodious beat when BTOB performed one last time as 6- member before we bid farewell to the year of 2018; also to Lee Changsub and Lee Minhyuk who will depart for military enlistment. Twas the week before Christmas, situated in MITEC Ballroom, Malaysian Melodies were entertained in a 2-hour jam-packed full of music, games and fun interaction with BTOB members.

Bittersweet Reunion

As the lights went off, this intimate evening with BTOB begin with intro VCR which specifically edited for this Malaysian stage. The thunderous cheers from hundreds of fans who have been filling up the hall hours before the show welcomed the 6-member on stage when they opened the stage with a more sentimental piece, Missing You. The emotion that oozes from the song coupled with the vocals from the members make a perfect melody to describe the reunion between Melodies and BTOB in the hall.

Eventhough this was not their first time in Malaysia, but it was their first ever fan meeting. Without their leader Eunkwang who is currently serving in military, the 6 members of BTOB greeted the fans and introduced themselves individually. Most certainly being their last event before enlistment, Minhyuk and Changsub wished to create beautiful memories together. Ilhoon tried to woo the fans in English 'Kuala Lumpur is beautiful....and so are the women' which certainly invites echoes of ooohs and aaaahs amongst the audience.

They continued the stage with another sentimental track but bright and funky tune, Friend. They dedicated this song for Eunkwang and when they hit the lyrics 'I Need You', Minhyuk further extended it to 'I Need You, Melody...We Need You'.

Melodies Wish

Xmas comes early this year as BTOB have prepared lots of fun activities to celebrate this beautiful season with the fans. Just like genie who granted his Master's wishes, each BTOB member chose the fans' wishes from the post-it that fans had written prior the show. This session gave the opportunity for fans to be invited on stage depending what they wished for. As the members carefully choose what wish they want to grant, Sungjae jokingly told off his members to speed up and make up their Malay 'Cepat Sikit' and he added 'Ahhh, stress!' indicating waiting for them gave him stress.

Among the wishes was a dance battle between Changsub and Sungjae. In any fan meeting, if there's any dance battle involved between members, the dance-off definitely showcased the members' dance skills be it their slick sexy moves, or energetic poppin'. And here we can witness the difference between BTOB with other idols. Rather than the typical dance moves, both showcased the goofy or rather unique and weird body movement to charm the crowds.

The best wish to be granted in the evening definitely goes to the lucky Melody who was picked by Peniel to have a sing along session with BTOB themselves. The moment she hit the lyrics to the BTOB song, BTOB themselves were wowed with her voice and the audience were left completely awed with the harmonization between the lucky fan and BTOB. The members even requested her if she can replace Eunkwang as the 7th member (in a joking manner). Up next, lucky draw. Lucky draw winners will receive special gift from BTOB and the winners will be based on the queue numbers which will be picked by the members. This probably the most unique announcement of lucky draw winners as the members had a choir session calling up the number. They just love being extra...anything to put a smile on Melodies face.

Ballad Trilogy

BTOB continued to serenade the audience with another R&B inspired ballad, It's Okay. This smooth ballad brought out the emotional depth and the vocals of the members; it feels like the harmony from their voices possessed the superpower in giving strength and motivate the fans who listened to be strong when they are at low point. To continue the swoon-fest, they also performed Climax and Only One For Me.

1 second Rule

BTOB is master of switching up moods; from those sappy ballads, they are back to bring more laughter, jokes and fun with the fans. This time, it's guessing their songs after listening to the 1 second beat from the song. Who said they will go easy with fans! They probably the most competitive group ever and do not even giving the fans' chance to win it. With continuous teasing and bantering between both BTOB and Melodies, this session probably the highlight of the night. Sungjae once again became the 'lil' devil', when he told the fan who won the round, that she will receive Changsub's phone number as the prize. Aigooo!!!

Bring Out the Goofiness

If there's a time that BTOB will show their different side from that charismatic singers' personality, this fan meeting is the proof. Throughout this fan meeting, BTOB non-stop showing off their cheekiness and hilarious traits. It's a norm that when Idols came to have an event or concert here, they will learn the basic Malay language and BTOB is no exclusion. However, during the 'Malay class' session courtesy of the MC, Hani, they were taught a rather bizarre slang for relax 'Lek Lu....', and how to utter I love You 'Saya Sayanggggg Awak' and I am hungry 'Lapar gile' in a cute way! To the fans' surprise, they successfully execute it perfectly like a native. Guess what their favourite word? Yup... 'Lek Lu' was their mantra throughout the whole evening. If you are the new fan, this fan meeting will make you fall in love more with the boys.   

Beautiful Pain

The audience never tired especially when BTOB continued the evening with their fun and funky crescendo Movie. This song is quintessential BTOB.  Watching them groove to the song, and later switch to another dance track, Blowing Up, it felt like they were witnessing a musical mixologist at work.

People said...time flies when you're having fun and after a blast of 2-hour session, it's time for BTOB to bid farewell to their fans. Well, goodbyes are never forever. Goodbyes are not the end. It's simply mean I'll miss you and We'll meet again. Therefore, in their last message to Melodies, they wished them to always stay healthy and happy, and patiently waited for the return of all 7 members. Their heart wrenching farewell can be felt as they took the center stage one last time performing 'Beautiful Pain'. This powerhouse ballad really portrayed the bittersweet moment that can be felt within the ballroom hall as the fans shed tears knowing it's going to be awhile to meet them as a complete 7-member again. To lighten the mood, Sungjae came forward and asked what are the best Malaysian delicacies that he can tried. His question received explosive answers from all corner of the room which resulted him settled it with 'I'll search for it myself'.  

As we thought it was the end of the show, Melodies demanded more of BTOB for an encore. They sang the chorus of Someday in synchronize and BTOB returned to the stage for their encore stage with Finale (Our Concert). This track definitely the perfect tune to wrap up the fan meeting and just like the best concert experiences, this song hits those beautiful moments of pure musical euphoria as each member gave away roses to the fans.

BTOB in Malaysia 2018 was a beautiful gesture from BTOB to their beautiful Melodies before one by one of the member fulfilling their mandatory military service. Quoting Paolo Coelho, 'If you brave enough to say Goodbye, life will reward you with a new Hello'. They are born to be a performer. They are born to be one of a kind. They are born to beat the heart of many Melodies and musical enthusiasts. Until they return as 7, keep the beat marching on!

Kpopstarz would like to thank the organisers WE Entertainment, iminitv and Cube Entertainment for the media invitation.

Article by Amalina A; Photos by WE Entertainment.

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