Lovelinus Taken On A Trip With Lovelyz Through A Winter Wonderland

With a moniker like "Loveylz", the charm of Woollim Entertainment's 8 membered girl group is hard to miss. We had the pleasure of watching the group at 'Lovelyz 3 of Winter World' in Singapore, and now have another girl group nestled in our hearts.

The 8 membered girl group, consisting of leader Baby Soul, members Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Jin, Sujeong and Yein are no newbies to the showbiz scene. 2019 marks their 5th year since debut in 2014, and their skill set is evident. Known for their sweet vocals, they definitely did not hold back during the show.

Dressed in gorgeous white gowns, the girls looked as if they stepped out of a fairytale, bringing the 'Winter World' aspect to life. It was hard not gasp as they executed their choreography enchantedly, shrouding fans with a sense of wonder. With tracks like 'Joyland', 'First Snow' and 'Rewind, Lovelyz serenaded all their fans, creating a sweet atmosphere. Throughout the night, glowing pink light sticks were held high, waving in beat to the enthralling melodies. Along with fan-favorites like 'Ah-Choo' and 'Lost and Found', fans were kept in constant high spirits through the concert.

Fans were sent into peals of laughter whilst watching a VCR where the girls had to prepare meals while keeping the noise level below 70 decibels. The attempted ASMR video created several penalties and punishments for the members, who were asked to put on costumes and silly makeup.

Cutely, Mijoo complained that the video didn't show any mercy to them, huffing 'Bad PD!', inciting another round of roaring laughter. However, Baby Soul disagreed, insisting that as long as it made Lovelinus, their fans happy, she would gladly 'wear more ugly and funny make up'.

Throughout the show, we were constantly left impressed by their English. The girls hardly needed help from their translator, struggling through cute mistakes. Mijoo insisted 'Our English very good!', and we're sure fans won't deny the fact. It was sweet to see Yein attempt her entire ending ment in English, and we were pleased to say it was a success! She mentioned that had watched an English language video beforehand, which said that the best way to learn was to be confident about it. After Kei's speech ended, she was surprised with a birthday event, which was organized by the fanbase in Singapore, and she insisted for a photo session together with the fans afterwards!

Two hours with the girls flew by really fast, and it was on a bittersweet note that Lovelyz parted with their fans. A fan project was set up for the girls, and as the video played with messages from the fans, our heartstrings were tugged at. The gratitude Lovelyz felt towards their fans were evident in their tears, and member Mijoo could hardly sing during the encore.

Almost like snow falling on a beautiful, picturesque winter day, white confetti showered over the girls as they bowed and thanked the audience. The scene was definitely captured forever in our hearts, and we will be sure to meet Lovelyz again.

Get to experience the action with this recap reel of the event:

Special thanks to Dshow and iMe Singapore for inviting KpopStarz to cover Lovelyz Concert in Singapore [Lovelyz 3 of Winter World].

Writer: Bel | Photo Credits: Bel and Xin En | Video Credits: Ong Melin

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