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Fans Pen a Parting Letter After Yoochun Admits Drug Use Allegations

By EL Borromeo | May 01, 2019 03:23 PM EDT

Park Yoochun admits drug use allegations.
(Photo : Wikimedia Commons)

A day after Park Yoochun confessed his drug use on April 29, fans were quick to pen a letter letting the Hallyu star go.

Posted on DC Inside, an online fan community, his followers started by quoting what a fan once remarked in a press conference about his drug use allegations - 'Look up at the sky. I will be praying for you.'

Citing the line as "a desperate cry" the fans next stated that the singer-turned-actor has "ultimately left behind a lonely pain to [them]." What followed is a series of questions navigating through the unfortunate turn of events for Park YooChun.

"When did his memories start becoming a pain in our hearts? When was it that we could no longer cheer for his life? Why are we just coming to realize that a star and a fan cannot mix because they are like water and oil? We have gone around and around a long path, and finally seeing the thorny path at the final destination. We did not know. We believed we could support him forever," the fans wrote.

"I was afraid to let go of myself. These words he said, we can now feel because we were also afraid to let him go. But now, it's time for us to walk separate paths, so we will let go of his hand. We hope he reflects on himself until he can let go of all the weight in his heart on his own," the letter concluded.

Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency revealed the news and shared how Yoochun finally admitted the accusations he has strongly denied before.

According to them, Yoochun said, "I was afraid to let go of myself. I feel like I need to accept what needs to be accepted and ask for forgiveness on the things that need an apology." The K-pop star further revealed that he started using drugs when he got back together with his former fiancee, Hwang Hana.

Hana was arrested earlier in April based on drug use charges, in connection with the Burning Sun Scandal (which also involved other big names in the industry including BIGBANG's Seungri).

Following this news, his lawyer officially announced he is resigning from the case. "I would like to notify that all of my activities regarding Park Yoochun will halt starting this day. Yesterday on April 29, Park Yoochun admitted to all of his charges, and is receiving his investigation in honesty this time, as reported by the media" he shared in a statement.

Yoochun first shot to fame as part of TVXQ, and later as one-third of the group JYJ.

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