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Goo Hara and Choi Jong-Bum Scandal

By Mirachelle Joya | May 06, 2019 09:18 AM EDT


Ex-couple Goo Hara and Choi Jong Bum faced a scandalous issue when Goo Hara filed charges against Choi for sexual violence, bodily injury, coercion, destruction, and blackmailing. The first trial happened on April 18 by Chief Judge Oh Duk Shik.

It was revealed that Choi secretly films her ex's back and legs and even forced her agency CEO to kneel in front of him but recently, he was indicted without detention. According to the prosecution, the fight happened on September 13 around 1 a.m. where Choi caused injury to Goo Hara's arms and legs and threatened her to leak her sex video in an attempt to end her showbiz career.

It was then confirmed that he did not actually send an email and was cleared of any charges for video distribution. Choi is denying all charges but the prosecution said that there is evidence to support charges including CCTV footage.

According to Star News, Choi's lawyer denied the accusations by Hara, stating, "He admits and is reflecting on the damage of property that occurred during the argument with the victim. However, the videos were not taken against the victim's wish or to fulfill his sexual desires. The photos also do not cause humiliation."

Choi Jong Bum's attorney continued to explain how Choi Jong Bum was assaulted by Goo Hara.

"She directly attacked him and scratched his face. Then as he was trying to stop her, Goo Hara sustained some injuries as well. It is true that these were caused by Choi Jong Bum as Goo Hara claims. The couple's quarrel began in the closet room of Goo Hara's home and eventually led to a physical fight."

The lawyer added, "As for the charges on the assault, the defendant did not act in a coercive way. It was a passive defense. Also for the charges on the threat, he did not threaten her with the sex videos."

Netizens are accusing Choi of using those videos as a way of revenge for Goo Hara and even labeled it as "revenge porn." Choi's lawyer is quick to respond regarding the allegations by the netizens.

"Although it is something that I (and Choi Jong Bum) must accept as part of our job, I hope that it would be based on facts. This is because the video was not filmed in secret. Revenge porn is when a man leaks a video to threaten a woman who wants to break up with him as revenge, but this is the exact opposite case. In relation to the video, it is, in fact, Choi Jong Bum who is the victim. It's already been revealed through the video how it was filmed and it wasn't Choi Jong Bum who led the filming of the video. He wasn't trying to reveal the video, he simply wanted to get legal compensation for his injuries. In particular, when he told Koo Hara that since he's a hairdresser he wouldn't be able to see his customers with the injuries, Goo Hara didn't have much of a response." 

The next trial will happen on May 30 and people are really eager to know what are the truths and what are the lies. 


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