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Go Joon-hee Denies Being Involved in Sex Scandal

By Mirachelle Joya | May 08, 2019 11:12 AM EDT

Go Joon-hee
(Photo : korea times)

Several actresses denied the rumors about their involvement with Seungri's sex scandal. According to the report, actress Go Joon-hee filed a libel suit against 12 people who spread false rumors about her possibly being one of the unnamed actress mentioned by Seungri's infamous group chat. Han Hyo-Joo, Jung Eun-Chae, and Kim Go-Eun also denied their involvement in the party.

Go Joon-hee threatened to sue those that are spreading rumors for defamation. She said she is not the one labeled in the group chat as "an actress in New York, therefore unavailable to provide sexual services for Seungri's overseas investors." The lawyer of the actress spoke up and said, "There will be no change in Go's no-mercy policy towards rumor spreaders and she will take every possible legal measure, including civil and criminal suits, against anyone who spreads groundless stories about her."

It was 4th of May when Go Joon-hee's lawyer said,

"Recently, regarding the Burning Sun case that has been suffering from criticism of society, the online community is spreading unfounded rumors about Go Joon Hee such as 'actress in Seungri's group chat room', 'actress who went to New York', etc. In the situation when the false rumors are spread widely and seriously, the television station and the producer have felt the pressure from the Burning Sun case and advised Go Joon Hee to leave the show."

The lawyer also added, Go Joon Hee didn't decide to withdraw from the program herself.  As an actress who is damaged by groundless information from people who spread malicious rumors, Go Joon Hee clearly had to suffer damages that are hard to recover. However, she will actively find all feasible measures, including a criminal lawsuit to prove her innocence."

He emphasized, "Due to groundless rumors of malicious rumor-mongers, Go Joon Hee has suffered serious damage as many of the contracts she has carried out over the past time have been ruined. I think that a person's life is mercilessly trampled by the malicious and indiscriminate circulation of false information of those who are hiding under the anonymous shadow on the Internet is unacceptable."

Go made her statement and said, "I couldn't stay silent any longer about the recent rampant rumors about me, which are hurting my family and fans. After the broadcast of Unanswered Questions two weeks ago, I received many phone calls from acquaintances who saw my name in related search results (for the Seungri sex scandal). Because it has nothing to do with me, I did not respond to the speculation. But, now the situation is snowballing every day.

She added, Like the center of the rumor, whether it is true or not, I became a victim. Regarding the scandal, it is painful that victims - not perpetrators - get all the attention, consumed as the subject of gossip and criticized."

We hope to unlock the truth and hopefully, we don't point our fingers to the wrong person. 


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