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Han Ji Sung Fatal Death

By Mirachelle Joya | May 10, 2019 11:22 AM EDT


It was May 8th when the news was reported about an active actress who is also a former B.Dolls involved in a car accident. The person is said to be Han JiSung. She was tragically killed in a car accident in a freeway near Incheon International Airport. Sung reportedly pulled over on the expressway while her husband needed to use the bathroom. She stepped out of the vehicle at around 3:50 AM and was tragically struck by two vehicles in a collision, a taxi, and a sedan. She died from head injuries while being taken to the hospital.

Netizens find it mysterious as to why the late actress made a stop in the middle of a 3-way highway and even her husband's statement to the police, he does not know why his wife parked in the second lane. He said, "She stopped in the middle lane and turned on the emergency light because I had needed to use the restroom urgently."

According to police, "the wife stepped out of the vehicle, a Mercedes Benz C200, and was hit by taxi driver 'A' (56) and SUV driver 'B' (73) as they sped by. The taxi driver 'A' sped by without looking head and hit Han Ji Sung to her death. The speed limit on this highway is 100km/h. We will ask the National Institute of Scientific Investigation for an autopsy of the body to investigate the exact cause of the death and time of the accident. We will also investigate why Han Ji Sung stepped out of her vehicle."

Netizens are not convinced with the report of the husband. They thought something fishy is going on. Netizens feel like the husband is lying because why would the actress just randomly stop her car in the middle of the highway and leave? The husband should have had stopped his wife no matter how badly he needs to go to the bathroom knowing that it is dangerous to go out in the street especially in that time of the night. They are speculating that maybe the couple had gotten into a huge fight and were arguing over who should get out of the car.

Investigations need to be thorough for this in order to find the real cause and real reason why the accident happened.
The actress was 29-years-old and had appeared in different dramas such a "Happy Sisters" and "Second to Last Love." and movies namely "Sori: Voice from the Heart". Ms. Han also just finished filming a main role for the upcoming 2019 movie, "One Punch."

We offer our prayers to her family, husband, and friends.  


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