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Shocking Truth About Baby Boo's Agency

By Mirachelle Joya | May 11, 2019 01:36 PM EDT


Two former members of the girl group, Baby Boo, made a shocking revelation about how their agency mistreated them. The story was aired on the most recent episode of MBC's True Story. Dayul and Daon were active members of Baby Boo up until Agust of last year. The two are very determined to terminate their unfair contract with the agency head for over four years.

They said, "During our 4 years of activities, we went to around 500 different events. But we haven't gotten paid by our CEO for any of them." The girl group performed at different events including local festivals, athletic competitions, military performances and many more. The staff of the said show spoke to sources from the events that Baby Boo had performed at and one of them told the staff that they paid 4 million won in cash for two performances and the other source said that they had given 1 million won to the agency as payment for the girl's performance.

Dayul and Daon also revealed that their CEO pressured them to undergo surgery and diet. Their vocal and dance lessons, as well as stage outfits, gym fees, and other treatments, were paid by the members thru the help of their parents. They also shared their poor living conditions wherein they lived in a basement unit where gas and water bills are often not paid and the safety bars on their windows are big enough for one person to go through.

The two girls went to a lawyer and showed their contract. The lawyer explained that the issue was there was no specific contract duration written to it, meaning to say, the length of their exclusive contract was not clear. The production team of "True Story Expedition" together with Daon and Dayul decided to pay the agency head a visit. He instantly became furious and he started yelling to everybody telling them to leave and to see each other in court.

They asked the agency head to show them his account statements and as expected, he refused. "Are you threatening to hit us? You can't ruin our lives like this. We've been with you since we were 19 and 21. You can't do this." Said Dayul and Daon when the agency head kept on yelling at them.

They called their unfortunate situation as being a "slave girl group."

Baby Boo debuted in 2015 with the digital single "Boo Boo Boo." The said group was under RIAK Entertainment and they are composed of four members namely Soli, Sha In, Daon, and Chae I. 


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