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2NE1’s 10th Anniversary Reunion Delivers Heavy Dose of K-pop Nostalgia

By EL Borromeo | May 20, 2019 11:26 AM EDT


Though K-pop quartet 2NE1 disbanded in 2016, all members -- CL, Dara, Bom, and Minzy -- took time to celebrate their 10th anniversary on May 17 with an Instagram Live broadcast.

The live video, complete with cakes, candles, and their trademark introduction 'What's up, We 2NE1', delivered a heavy dose of nostalgia for K-pop fans, prompting a massive outpour of greetings. With the trending hashtags #10GETHERwith2NE1 and #10yearswith2NE1, their fandom called Blackjacks flooded Twitter with messages of sheer surprise and delight.

"The last time our queens surprised everyone was during this legendary & iconic stage, their last as OT4. And now reuniting in an IG live after 4 years to celebrate their 10th anniversary!! BLACKJACKS, STAY WINNING. 2NE1 FOREVER!!," a fan with username @chaerinrose__ exclaimed.

Another Twitter user, @wordT0world, shared how the quartet's mini-reunion coincided with her birthday. "I have been BLACKJACK since LOLLIPOP(=before debut) for 10 years and today is my birthday too I feel like I got a birthday present from all 4 members♠♥," the post stated.

Apart from the reunion, the K-pop legends also shared photos and heartfelt messages on their social media accounts.

CL kept it short and sweet with a throwback photo with the caption, "2NE1. Four girls with a dream." In another post -- this time, a photo from their reunion -- she wrote, "Let's always live like excited kids."

Minzy, on the other hand, coupled her tribute post with a lyrics from their song "Missing You": "Even after a long time passes, let's remember that we had each other back then."

Keeping it light and fun, Bom uploaded an adorable selfie of the group aptly caption, "Aliens 2NE1."

In a lengthy post, Dara recounted the memories she had with her fellow members and thanked the support they have received from the fans. "Back in 2009, the four of us in 2NE1 were excited on what the world had to offer. We didn't expect that we would be given the best fans in the world... We are very grateful that Blackjacks embraced us," she said.

Further expressing thanks to their fans, she wrote: "We can't thank you enough for the love. How we all wish we can thank each one of you and give you a hug. But I hope this message would be enough, for now, to show you how much Blackjacks mean to us. Thank you. I love you." 

2NE1, considered as one of the best-selling K-pop groups in recent memory, officially debuted in 2009 with the release of their self-titled EP. They went on to achieve global superstardom with mega-hits like "Fire," "I Am The Best," "I Don't Care," "Come Back Home," and their last release, "Goodbye." 

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