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Red Velvet, a LGBT community favorite!

By Staff Reporter | June 05, 2019 10:07 AM EDT

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Pride month is fast approaching. In line with this, many K-pop idols are now the subject of LGBT community. Particularly, one Korean girl group who has been a favorite of the queer community is a subject of many hot topics circulating Korean news outlets.

Pictures of what seems to be a pamphlet have been making rounds online because Red Velvet has their gorgeous faces all over it. It was a pamphlet from the Seoul Queer parade which has been prompting conversations online about Red Velvet being one of the groups well-liked by the people of the rainbow community. Check out the colorful pamphlet:

Fans, especially those who are queer, have been delighted to see their favorite idols being considered as a queer favorite among the LGBT community. Moreover, a poll was conducted among queer people. Surprisingly, SM Entertainment's latest girl group joined the long list of female idols, flaunting some of the spots from the list. Irene took the spot next to her fellow band member, Seulgi. Nonetheless, they still beat the likes of Twice, Blackpink, Mamamoo, and even her seniors, Girls' Generation! Take a look for yourself:

The top 100 most liked female idols by LGBT women have garnered 18,000 votes in South Korea. Her fellow members also took spots from the list. Kang Seulgi took the number one spot, Kim Yeri for the number six spot, Joy landing on the number 7 spot and finally, Wendy snatched the number 14 spot.

Bae Irene, who hails from Daegu province, has been known for her unearthly face and godly proportions. She has also scored many commercial film deals for the past years ever since she became a member of Red Velvet, a famous girl group that is known in Korea and abroad, too. She is the oldest member of the group, and yet, her youthful looks gather so many praises from fans and celebrities. A number of viral photos of herself being simply beautiful to have earned her a mass following, and maybe, that's the very thing that made her well-received by the queer community, don't you think so?

A milestone of achievements of the LGBT community is something that prompts action from the government to finally legalize the same-sex marriage embroiling the country. These kinds of activities by the queer people sheds light to the clamoring voices that demands other people to accept, think lightly and regard them as normal people.


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